What is "Attlee Estate" of a player faction? They have no other bases to conquer, and not a base visible at System Map...

So, when a group I have been playing for expanded into this one system, I thought could be important/vital for trade links on our terraforming-process,.
We immediately entered a war with this player based faction that does not own any installations in that system or outside of it, that I know of.

Thus according to station bulletin news, they are at risk of losing "Attlee Estate" in the system, eventhough there certainly ain´t no such installation on now landable planets or orbitals.
What is that, and how could conquering it affect me or trade that were going well untill group I supported entered a system and began a war there against this faction?

They are not even near of a controlling faction influence, but that system has pretty much all that terraforming systems need, and so far NPC-trade had worked with Athmospheric Processors, until my group entered system and started a war with this small group...

Possible connection there perhaps?
Were trade on to my terraformed planets depending on that one player founded minor faction, even as they were not controlling faction of the system, just barely 10%?
How come I could see NPC trade routes between systems in a Galaxy Map before the war, but not anymore after entering this one system and having a war (let me remind that this faction has a small influence in system and no installations/bases, just "invisible Estate").....?
Let´s just say it´s a High Tech system now 7 slots full with NPC-faction I have supported so far, I see enough Cutters in Traffic reports and am having a war there, let´s say there is no need for more traffic naming the system in question...

It is simple enough, High Tech system supplied a chain of systems reaching all the way to these systems that turned during these years from terraforming candidates to terraforming, obviously because of those Athmospheric Processors NPC-trade routes I could see in the Galaxy Map.

And now when this NPC-faction I have supported entered system and immediately had matching influences and a war with REAL player faction, all that trade in Galaxy Map seems to have stopped (though they are not controlling faction nor control any station/outpost/base/installation, except some "Estate" they can lose in a war).
Yes, obviously I have relied on Force too much so far, but FD Devs have not given me much options in BGS.

I will see these words of wisdom, and wonder what ever it means if I see it in my Nav panel also.

Thank you, fellow traveller.
Those objects that are visible only in the nav panel, and not on the system map, are "installations". Every faction present in every inhabited system was given one for free at the launch of version 3.3. You can't dock at them, but you can fly up to them and, if the faction owning it is at war, you will likely be given a "mission" to either help defend it from attackers, or to join the attackers in damaging it. It's kind of like a specialized conflict zone. The "attack/defend" mission can also occur when the owner is not at war, there's just a lower probability of it happening.

There's also usually a good supply of civilian NPCs owned by the owning faction, hovering around, even if you don't get a mission. So if you like trying to affect the BGS by murdering civilians and the cops who arrive to defend the civilians, then these installations are a great place to do it.
Let´s just say it´s a High Tech system now 7 slots full with NPC-faction
Let's just say it's Kirram. The PG is Independent Trading and Security but it looks abandonned and the other group staking a claim is The Assassin's Order of Kirram which isn't in-game yet but look like they are supporting Kirram Major Holdings which is NPC but has expanded into 11 systems.
Attlee Exchange is a non-dockable "installation" asset that is not listed in eddb.io, and is only semi-listed on INARA.

Wow - Assassin's Order of Kirram squadron is nearly three years old.

Enjoy your war, it looks like you guys are having fun.
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