What is "OTHER" - Arx grants

Being curious. Yesterday did quick evening round of trading, nothing fancy, 218t capable Krait. Within less than an hour I made 11.8M (found 2 really tasty missions, one paid 4.5M, other 3.7M), visited like 5 systems, one Outpost was 150k Ls away from the star so it took a bit to get there (while sitting and doing nothing - premium "gameplay" at it's best). I didn't do any exploration, not even honking (simply forgot to use it), didn't sell any explo data. Just literally few mission to get stuff, deliver and cash in.

Got 16 ARX.

1 for trading
3 for exploration
12 for OTHER

Would like to define "OTHER" as it seems the most lucrative activity that gives the most ARX.
I like to think of "other" as a participation trophy that could be done without. Much like my Australian passport.
Varies. I think every 5 jumps gives one other (used to be 1). I think the 1 arx for every 200K bounty is other. And I know I can get a lot of other selling stuff.
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