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29 years ago, jobless after finishing Uni and with no clear direction on where to proceed, it was a remarkably nice summer in 1995. So I regularly opened my sous-terrain window that summer, put the amp onto the window frame, assembled a selection of the finest tunes there were IMHO and had them play along over and over, improvising for hours and days in the sunshine, on my Godin TC II electric, the only guitar I had | could barely afford back then, having lived on noodles and such for six months, striving to be able to buy one, and it was close still. But then: Sun rose the next day, and she was still there, in all her beauty. And so it stayed until today and will, hopefully, be so every day beyond. Comparable to what you would do when you happen to meet your future wife. All-in or nothing. But anything less would not be worth the price. Anyway.

The song below was one of my favorite tracks, and here it is.


Right now. Those were the 90s, in just one sentence.


NB. 'Right now' was famous not only because of the song or Van Halen's guitar playing, but for its official video too. And rightfully so, because it's epic, just in case you forgot ;)

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I don't like electronic music. So I thought and found myself listening and dancing to the Prodigy. Thing is it has to be the right kind. Some drive to it. Chemical Brothers is a sure bet. Vitalic I already put up once here. This I found randomly - kinda under radar I guess

and a classic like this

I just returned from a vacation on a lake and I feel a bit melancholic that the holiday has ended. So maybe that's why I came back to listen to "Einstürzende Neubauten" (yes german again, but the songs are in english)

Blixa Bargeld!

and one more from "... Neubauten"

and also Nick Cave and Blixa
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