General / Off-Topic What sort of smart phone do you have?

Since this is an off topic section, I was just curious. So what sort of phone (mobile/cell/smart) do you have? Why did you get it. And do you plan on upgrading any time soon.

I got the Samsung S8 about 2 months ago. Because I lost my previous phone (Samsung S5). And the tracking system didn't work probably cause the phone has no power or is truly lost. Top end smartphones can be expensive. But I went with it because I can use it in the rain or pool. It has Gorilla Glass type 5, it's sleek, and has an infinity display. But more importantly, the camera works well at night, and has rapid quick auto focus. A downside is you cant simply open the back of it to replace the battery. Something you could do with the S5. I'm not really into iphones as I think Android is compatible with more things. Just like Windows is compatible with more things. Like for instance Planet Coaster officially supports Windows. I did get the official Samsung S8 LED flip case for it (quite light).

I'd give it an 8/10.

Lightning speed auto focus
Camera works well at night (not the best, but actually really good)
Sleek design and infinity display
Usable in the rain and a 1m deep pool
Regular software updates
Generous 64GB storage

Glass on the back
Still figuring out how to unlock phone using fingerprint. Not iris (doesn't work well while commuting) or draw pattern (people can see this around you).
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I have a Moto g (one of the old ones). Bought it years ago after my iPhone died because it was dirt cheap and I'm tight!

It works!
It doesn't have one of those annoying screen protectors on it.
It has a bare bones android install on it without any of that annoying OEM fluff.
You can place a memory card in it to expand the storage.
It feels well made for such a cheap device.
Usable in heavy rain - I'm not sure if that's by design or not.
It was easy enough to replace the battery on.
It has lasted ~4 years I think

I receive calls on it which I'm expected to answer.
Android phone [sad]
The camera was damaged by IR after I pointed it at a bonfire many years ago.
The camera was terrible before it was damaged.

All in all, I'm going to give it a solid 9/10! With a bit of luck it will last another four years [up][haha]
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I have an iPhone 6S Plus, which is absurdly large and allows me to type without making mistakes constantly.

IMO it's worth the money if you use your smartphone a lot, respond to emails with it, and use it to read documents, books, etc. Previously I had a standard size iPhone 4S.
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