What time does the Game update?

I know there's the UTC which displays the synched game time, and I've assumed that BGS updates around midnight then, but.....
I've been pledged to Aisling Duvall for 3 weeks and 6 days for two days, and system faction reports for a system I'm working haven't changed in two days either.
Just curious if there was a set time daily where those updates occur.
On usual running, the game tick will happen at midday (12:00 UTC) but on occasion it struggles.

This is the point at which the BGS updates.
It'll then take a little while, whilst the various servers update (Gal Map is typically behind the in game board summary page)

It may be struggling / stalled / stopped ahead of the upcoming 3.0 drop.

Raise a support ticket. The worst that can happen is being told that everything is good.
I have been wondering about this too. Lately I have been hauling Meds to outbreak, and food to famine, systems. I notice a lot of them flipping over night. I am wondering when the tick happens.
Thanks Snowy, as long as I have a rough idea as I was 12 hours out, then I can keep an eye out for changes, give it an hour and see. Last thing I’d want to do with an imminent release, is tie up support resources.
Wonder if relogging helps.
Looks like there were two updates.
BGS updates around 1300 UTC and the Powerplay around 1800 UTC.
At least those are times I received new data, not necessarily when it was pushed out.
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