Game Discussions What was your first exposure to video games?

My first computer game experience was a Space Invaders machine at a holiday campsite we were at - I had to stand on an empty beer crate to play (or mostly just watch, I didn’t get many 10p’s to play with).

The first machine we got in the house was one of these:

...which had a cartridge of Pong clones and one of a submarine/destroyer battle thing.
I always liked the idea of text based adventure games. Is there one you could recommend? It feels like these are games that are fun with friends.
If you want a modern day take on the text adventure, give “Stories Untold” a look - the first chapter is free.
Interesting question, let me think... in the order:
-POD by Ubisoft was my very firs racing game, lovely times. Still have it thanks to GOG, still play it occasionally!
-ISS space station educational "sim" where you can build your own ISS from real life modules. No clue what was the game real name, it was very old and simple but I remember it as something magical at the time.
-First Elite, yes that what's got me in to space stuff in the first place.

And finally:

Arcade machines...Galaxians was my favourite along with Defender. First home console was a BBC micro (my sisters) with Elite. I discovered she had the BBC when I was home on leave from somewhere or other in 1984, went out to the local emporium and bought Elite for it...she never got it back :)

In my hometown we had a couple of arcades thanks to being near the sea. I never had enough 10p's to play them very often, but favourites were "Gorf", "Galaga" and there was even a sit-down version of the Star Wars vector game.

All before I got a computer of my own.
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