General / Off-Topic Who _isn't_ a literal forum dad?

Serious question (I vaguely recall seeing a poll thread posted a while back, but can't find it). I was recently suprised to find that yes, basically everyone on the forum is a middle-aged man or woman, to the point where it's the rule rather than the exception. Even when I brought it up in-thread, all I got was affirmation that yes, everyone is fairly, uh, mature.

Is anyone here not above the age of 25? (sorry people in your late 20's, you're too far gone)
I know of one person (other than you) under 25. At least he was at some point, but we've been here for a long time. :D
Of course there are more, but I think the forum average is well above 30. I definitely know more people above 60 than I know that are below, let's say 40.
Most of us are the fans of the original Elite, which means we usually were at least teenagers in the 80s.
It is an odd one. We were all transfixed with the original and 'kept the faith' that Elite IV would materialise. What I don't get is that, in gaming terms, genre haven't changed much and Elite still stands out as an open ended niche product with practically zero up take by those similar to us back then. I'm guessing XBox and PS4 have more younger players.
Can I be that drunk abusive forum dad? Not the, "why do you keep hitting me?" Kind but the "you forgot to pick me up from school/sportsball practice" one.