Why do guardian structures look like human objects?

If anyone has noticed the guardian space station things are literally covered in giant human guns. They look like stuff from around WWII. Is this a joke(easter egg/superficial) and something from outside the game or is it relevant to in game things?

Source: https://imgur.com/CPioehv

If you notice, the radar image looks like a gun. That is the thing that pops out of the guardian space stations. There are there fixed objects that are literally guns on the station also.

Source: https://imgur.com/ZMdfqvT
You are asking the wrong question.

Since the Guardian artifacts are a million years older than the beginning of human civilization, I believe the correct question would be, "Why do human objects look like Guardian structures?". Have we been subconsiously copying alien tech which our primitive ancestors were exposed to when Guardian scouts explored our planet a million years ago?
Ultimately it all boils down to this not being a real galaxy, but a game developed by human minds. Human minds that certainly had WW II style in mind when imagining it. Just see the flight model and sounds. It's WW II airplanes in space.
Your ship doesn't lie to you. It says it's a publich guardian energy pylon. That's what it is. The holo picture resembles a 3D image of a first person shooter mini-map, a corridor ending in a hall-way. Don't you see that?
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