Why is there an imperial decal on my carrier?!?

I have just noticed mine also have a decal, but is one i do not know.. have never seen it, and i did not noticed cause it has to be lighted to be seen

hi, the same on my nautilus but you can check the other by using the livery option for FC's you get a preview if you set your mouse wheel for coming in shop mode you can get closer Drake and victory have this star thing, only the nautilus has the imp symbol.. fortune does not have any decal at least I was unable to find one.
Correction on the fortune its also the star... it's on the "wing" section on the back of the ship so the placement is different for this FC, on al other its located right under the Nameplate.
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I just came back to the carrier from a little exploration trip and the decal was gone!
I then reapplied my paintjob (because of that bug where it reverts to default all the time) and it was back... Jumped in and out of the instance, relogged, but nope, still there.
Seems like the Imperials are doing some next level propaganda. If they’re capable of throwing graffiti onto your carrier, they’re capable of anything. Put some spray paint onto it though it needs color. Black, red, doesn’t matter.
Hmm. Now for some reason i have a mission of independence wars 2 in my mind, where you had to infiltrate some area, then use a remote controled maintenance drone to spraypaint a logo on a ship just before it was released from spacedock for its virgin flight.
I want that stupid thing gone for the same reasons I spend real money for paintjobs, shipkits and decals from the store and apply them my ships and carrier:

Visuals matter.
Ingame identity and heraldry matters.
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