Will pay handsomely for 5 Caustic Tissue Samples

Hi all, maybe there's a forum for these kinds of requests, if so, sorry I could not find it.

Basically, I finally unlocked most the engineers in the bubble. It took me years, and hundreds of hours, but I've been trying to get into thargoid stuff. I was able to take my AX mamba into a maelstrom quite a few times, and get the other mats I need for the corrosion sinks. Then I kept an eye out on the market with the help of Inara, and finally saw 5 caustic tissue for sale! It was way outside the bubble, I flew there to the carrier, but alas, I didn't have an anti-corrosive cargo rack.

I do now, and I'm ready to drop 20-30 mil each for 5 caustic tissue samples. Please, I think I might puke if I have to fly out to a maelstrom again, elude 15 interdiction attempts, and then poke around at those little gas spewing guys in hopes of a miracle (getting 5 tissue samples w/o dying, no fleet carrier yet for storing 1 or 2 at a time).

I'll keep an eye out on the market, willing to pay handsomely. If you don't run EDMC or EDDiscovery, etc. just let me know here, thanks!
Upping offer to 50mil/unit. So 250m if you put up 5 of these for sale in your fleet carrier (in or near the bubble).
I am about to leave town for the weekend, so I'll be back in ~50-60 hours to check. Thanks.
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