General / Off-Topic World Cup in Liverpool - Netball - BBC coverage from today (15th)

Since there has been a lot of sport in this forum lately I wondered if I could interest anyone in this:

I refuse to pay Sky's exorbitant Sport Ticket cost so I don't get to see what is one of my favourite spectator sports apart from during the Commonwealth Games (well done England there). So it is good the the Beeb have coverage of the remaining fixtures in the Netball World Cup from Liverpool 15th - 21st July.

P.S. I forgot to say - you can see the previous games on the yootube
Just thought I'd stick this up here in advance of the semi-finals. If you have never watched a game or is you just want to catch up on the best game of the tournament so far, here is the Australia vz New Zealand game from yesterday. (It was great.)



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I've not been very well this week so I've been off work. Having the Netball World Cup going on at the same time has been great, and yes the Aus vs Nzl match was a brilliant game.

My mum used to play Netball when my brother and I were young, so we used to go to the matches each week and practice while we were there. Always been something I've enjoyed, the one thing that's always confused me about the professional game is just how much they blow the whistle... Some of the refs get more of a workout than the players 😂
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