WP5 Event: Grand Formation

UPDATE: Some images from the event.

Lining up the Grand Formation - Image: Scavskiller

Threading The Double Loop - Image: Tenna

Vertical Formation - Image: Captain Caboose

Loop in Grand Formation - Image: Tenna

WP5 Event: Grand Formation

Organizer: Corbin Moran


  • We will try building the greatest formation for surface maneuvers ever attempted!
  • We will perform stunts never tried before.
  • We will end the event with a coordinated mass jump in formation while traveling at speed.

Event Location, Player Group, and Platform:
  • WP5 system BOEWNST KS-S c20-959, body A 2 A, Biological Site 2. (But just wait in super cruise to be winged in).
  • Event will take place in the FleetComm private group.
  • This event is for those on PC only (sorry).

  • Saturday, 16th Feb, 12:00: Registration for the event closes.
  • Sunday, 17th Feb, 18:00: Wing-in begins. Wing coordinators will start getting people into the instance. Once the first 10-12 people is instanced they will be assigned their own instructor for some warm-up formation practice. Same with the next group of 10-12 people we get inside. Arrive early and you will get more time to practice.
  • 18:45: Wing-in concludes. Building the Grand Formation. All pilots in the instance assemble and we start building the grand formation.
  • 19:00: Maneuvers and stunts. We will try out some stuff never attempted before…
  • 19:50: Mass Jump Preparation. We start lining up for the formation mass jump.
  • 20:00: Mass Jump. We start the journey towards WP6. End of event.

  • We will be using the FleetComm discord for voice comms (microphone required for instructors/flight leaders).
  • Look for the voice channel named “dw2-events-voice”
  • Look for the text channel named #dw2-events-text
  • During the warmup phase of the event, smaller groups and their instructors might use the DW2 Wing Chat discord channels.

  • No previous experience with formation flight is required, but situational awareness and a steady hand on the stick are important qualities for a formation pilot.
  • All ship types are welcome (we once had a T9 lead a formation at Beagle Point…).
  • Sign-up prior to the event IS required.
  • Sign up using THIS DOCUMENT.
  • IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sign-up will close Saturday 16th at 12:00 UTC.

  • Rebecca Lansing
  • Luna Valenwood
  • Dr.Nagi
  • Tenna
  • Make sure you're on the PC platform and on the Fleetcomm private group, and you're familiar with wing procedures and dropping into wing beacons
  • Make sure you are registered for the event and have correctly entered the required information in THIS DOCUMENT
  • Make sure you're present in the WP5 system BOEWNST KS-S c20-959 from 18:00 (the earlier the better), preferably near body A 2 A, where you will be winged in by one of the coordinators. Make sure you accept friend requests from the coordinators, so they can add you to their wings.
  • Please note that we can't guarantee to get you into our instance. We will try to get in about 45 CMDRs, but we will conclude the winging in depending on server performance and system instability. To improve your chances of taking part, make sure to accept friend requests and wing invitations from the coordinators promptly and be at the WP5 system no later than 18:00.
  • Supercruise to the wing beacon of your coordinator and drop into our instance. Leave the wing after dropping to make room for the next CMDR. If you have any instancing problems dropping in, try messaging one of the other wing coordinators.
  • Keep 4 pips to SYS for maximum shield strength and throttle to zero when dropping in in case of any collisions. Clear the area where you dropped in and await further instructions from your formation flight leader, who will take over for the actual formation event.
  • Once you arrive: DO NOT turn on external ship lights. And DO NOT deploy your SRV. This has been known to decrease performance drastically in the instance.

So far we have never had any accidents, but formation flying involves an element of increased risk - it is part of the fun and the thrill. By taking part in this event you accept the increased risk of losing your ship. Don't fly without a rebuy!

How NOT to arrive if you are late to the event :)

Looking forward to threading some loops with you :D

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Sign-up for the Grand Formation will close Saturday 16th at 12:00 UTC.

We have already received a lot of interest in this (which is great!) but we are also approaching the limit of what is technically feasible to achieve with instancing.
We will need a bit of time after sign-up closes to plan the event according to the number of people signed up, as well as what types of ships they bring.
Sorry for any inconvenience.
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