Real World Theme Parks Your worst experience at a park

Worst experience ever....Did not get into La ronde because the terminal selling admission ran out of Paper and I had to wait for a supervisor to validate my purchase..After about 1/2 an hour of waiting, the supervisor who had been having a talk not 10 feet away from me came to the kiosk and talked to the cashier who processed my ticket.
They could not do a reprint because of the six flags ticketing system does not allow reprints of receipts. The asked if I could pay again and they would void my ticket and then allow me to enter the park...Sure I said, then asked if I could get a copy of the void for my records. No can do system would not allow a reprint Needless to say my day at La Ronde was officially over. I then I emailed the head office, who emailed me back offering free admission for two for the next year...I only go to Montreal every 3 years or so, So that offer was nice but unfortunately I could not use it...I responded that I could not use it, but could my cousin who lives in montreal use it, Nope only good for me. Then I read up on LaRonde and find out that this is typical of a day there, not the only one with this kind of story
My worst experience on a ride at a fairground when I was a kid was on the Divebomber (like the Zolo ride but it didn't fly horizontally, just vertically).

You were held in by a leather strap across your lap that was cinched by a peg near the door. There were multiple holes just like a belt you wear and the belt was held in place by the closed door.

Anyway, mid ride, the leather belt came off its peg so that nothing was holding me in. Fortunately for me, my arms were long enough (just) to push against the window frame to keep me in the seat.

The ride only stopped when the door started to flap around making a loud clanging noise!

Never went on this ride ever again! (It actually disappeared from the funfair shortly after)
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