1. T

    Questions about 'Goid Hunting

    I have done some research (reading forums, wiki articles, watching videos, etc.) as well as some 'field' research. To date, I have engaged 10-15 interceptors and only ever taken out one petal (not even sure how I did that one, it just kind of happened). I have tried a variety of loadouts, ships...
  2. Chase Quinnell

    Ships Federal Corvette Recommend me a PvE Combat Corvette Loadout

    I am looking to kit out a PvE combat corvette. At the moment I have no engineering stuff unlocked but may do so in the near future. What are some good builds y'all recommend?
  3. J

    The idiotic tactic for making millions of credits - run three accounts

    Note: there are tactics & recommendations in here that are valid for solo players. But this is mostly info you can get elsewhere and primarily for the "this is stupid, tell me more" factor. This tactic provides the "pirate massacre wing missions with zero skill" option, which I used today to...
  4. C

    Newcomer / Intro (question) Blind farming empire rank

    With the latest event, mass saving lives by taking people out of broken station seams to be a good way to farm empire rank, and it is. I also know that once your rank progress bar is full for your current title, the experience earn is not lost and keeps adding up behind the scene towards the...
  5. J

    Turret hardpoint builds?

    Hi all! I'm a new player, about 20 hours in. And I’m enjoying everything about elite except the combat. Competent foes are utterly wiping the floor with me. Im thinking I’d like to pursue a turret based build so the computer can shoot for me in single player, and a friend can use them in...
  6. J

    Money plummets

    Hey I was wondering if anyone can help. I’ve been playing franchise mode this week to breed elephants for the challenge. I started a new zoo with animals traded in, money was rolling in fast and then suddenly my money plummets to over £100,000 and I can’t seem to reign it back. I have bred lots...
  7. K

    Finding passangers that want to go to "Black Treasure" Traikoa FL-P e5-4

    Hi guys, to unlock Proffesor Palin and Chloe Sedesi one of the prerequisites is to travel 5kly away from SOL, so I decided to go to Black Treasure, which is about 5200ly from SOL. To make the most of the journey i thought it would be a good idea to first find some passengers that wants to go...
  8. Clairelanolli

    Engineers Vulture Engineering Advice

    Hi everyone! Hopefully this is the correct place for this kind of thing. I've got here a vulture build, on EDSY because the computer I have access too (consistenly) unfortunately can't open Anyway, how well did I do? I don't engineer combat ships often, and I've been...
  9. V

    Isla Sorna - Any Advice?!

    Hey - So last night i finally went onto Island 5, Isla Sorna. After the lack of space from island 2-4, its a bit of a shock! I'm not sure how to do this park the best way to get 5* (eventually). I noticed the default layout they give you is very open and the facilities are in fact surrounded by...
  10. Swizzy o7o7

    Newcomer / Intro Asp Exploration Build Advice Please!

    Hi, there. I'm new to the game, and I want to build an Asp that I can play Elite: Dangerous with. I want to be able to do exploration, but also trading. I will be playing in open mode. Thanks commanders! o7 [yesnod]
  11. G

    Decisions, decisions..

    Decisions, decisions.. Hello Commanders! I’m planning on my second big exploration Tour, after the 70.000Ly+ journey to the Core and back via Colonia. This time I planned to circumnavigate our wonderful galaxy and reach beagle point to then head home through the upper neutronstar-fields...
  12. E

    Shield generator mod advice needed.

    So I'm on a mission to make and engineer the greatest python Ps4 has ever seen. It's gonna be a heavy multipurpose ship that is good at pretty much everything. I've got an amazing FSD, powerplant, distributor etc... But i have no idea what mod to use for the shield generator. i generally run on...
  13. G

    Ships 2.4 Corvette Build advice/doubts

    Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening fellow Commanders Since short I have a Federal Corvette. For the most part I got no problems to build it. But I kinda am doubting what to do depending on it's purpose how to build my shields and Armour. My Clan has given me decent advice, but I decided to listen...
  14. Omegahunter

    Hotas Controllers Left is Right But Is Right Wrong?

    Not trying to have a go at all the other left handed gamers (I'm left handed myself). But why are you finding it so hard to use the current range of Hotas controllers? Yes you have to use the joystick with your right weaker hand but at the time time you are using the throttle with your left...
  15. R

    Dual joystick T16000M and Attack3 setup!

    As a lefty I can't use the usual HOTAS sticks, which are right-handed only, so I looked into alternatives. I now use two lefty-friendly joysticks together, and it's so good I thought I'd describe it if others want to try it out as well. Basically, I have a T16000M on my left hand, and then a...
  16. Non Grata


    When I was younger I played flightsims and have had all the CH/Thrustmaster stuff. Nowadays I'm not sure I want the hassle of turning my desk into a cockpit. I briefly tried a console gamepad a few years ago, and it seemed like the joysticks on them were kind of usable, and looking at pictures...
  17. Kandinsky

    Community Event / Creation HOTAS Gaming table

    Not sure this is really "Art" as such, maybe more "product design", for which there is currently no prefix. OK, so I have bought myself a "Hands On Throttle And Stick" and was having trouble keeping it all on table in the excitement of dodging missiles and weaving through asteroids, never mind...
  18. Asp Explorer

    The Joystick/Controller discussion thread

    Joystick waggling! My X52 Pro and pedals arrived today - woo! I am fairly impressed with the hardware, it's solid and seems well made. Unfortunately it doesn't click, and the old trick of holding the base and waggling the joystick has got me absolutely nowhere in Daley Thompsons Decathlon :(...
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