1. OnTheMinute

    Attack on Meene

    What do you guys think of this failed raid of Phoenix Base? They speculate that it was potentially an attempt to steal materials but I have this feeling that is was the cult of the Fargod. I know they were cleared of the negative allegations against them but something tells me they are still not...
  2. X

    player house - build and customise player planetary base or orbital station

    A new DLC where players can build and customise their own planetary base or station and quarters in their own ship. It’s not a new idea, there have been posts on it since 2014 (listed below). It would add a lot of depth to the game and I don’t think it would be too hard to develop (but I am not...
  3. C

    Nothing special found in the galactic core.

    As the title says it, but to be specific, it was told that the chances are high we could find a thargoid base, artifacts or anything related to the Thargoids if we explore the galactic core, since their homeworld is in the opposite area of the galaxy but closer to the core than we are. I've...
  4. dreampage

    My Proposal For a Base Building Gameplay Mechanic

    For a long time now I have been thinking about a base building mechanic to be implemented into Elite Dangerous. I think it would be an awesome end-game content for the game which would require a lot of time, effort and investment from players who are sometimes bored of what the game currently...
  5. P

    Border Base Federation/Imperial Search Methods

    Hi, I’m not sure if this is the correct forum so apologies if not but I’m looking for advice. As per the title. I would like a base somewhere on the Federation/Imperial border. I am not looking for suggestions per se but more what tools to use to identify somewhere suitable. The idea being to...
  6. vantablack

    Home system

    Just wondering what the current thinking is for the best place to be based in or around the bubble. I’ve been based so far in Ray Gateway, Diaguandri - mainly because of outfitting my various ships cheaper etc... with the advent of 3.0 I’m trying to work out the most logical place to be based...
  7. R

    personal base on the planet

    Hello, please respond, is it possible to add to the game the possibility of building your own planetary station. At you basically all is. Sell ​​a landing pad, solar panels, etc. After buying the player flies to the planet, puts a beacon that has coordinates. Then sends a request for...
  8. T

    Gameplay Suggestions +

    My suggestions: Player Factions. Player Factions owned Star bases. Cargo Items Storage in bases. Faction ships and modules to all Superpowers. Exploration missions. Best Regards.
  9. D

    Fleet Carrier and colonization concept - FRONTIER PLEASE READ

    Maybe you use the fleet carrier to set up a colony: Steps: Collect participating friends to be part of a colony "fleet" (not required, but available) Compile money to purchase a fleet carrier and associated components that will comprise the colony infrastructure at the destination (perhaps a...
  10. Z

    Discussion Deatailed search of systems

    Hi commanders! I am aware of the third party tools developed to interact with Elite's data. The most complete that I know of is EDDB. Actually, this data base gives for free .csv and .json files containing all the data available at the moment (with regular updates and all). However, the...
  11. Requiem Mortis

    +++ Power Down Emplacement Power Grid Mission - how do I approach this one ?

    Ok I tried the mission a few times, but mostly got driven off by the 3 defending ships, on my last attempt I destroyed the 3 original defenders 2 additional re-inforcements and then met the re-buy from an Anaconda I'd reduced to 27 % , I knew I should have left but you know I was so close...
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