1. yoav_r

    Giraffes make my game crash

    I'm sad to report that placing a giraffe in a zoo or trying to enter a zoo with a giraffe crashes the game.
  2. X

    Framerate lock in borderless mode

    Hi, Is there a way to lock my framerate to a fixed value? And no, I am not looking for V-sync. (The game is clearly lacking the option I'm looking for, but was wondering maybe there's some 'trick' or config file entry that the game would accept) So here's the issue - this actually is a severe...
  3. Y

    [BUG] Career Mode - Mayers Lake Island Zoo - Staff Stuck

    My zoo staffs are being stuck on the stairs going towards the lower level. Possible stuck due to spawning of protestors. I have already block the entrance of the stairs by marking few paths as "Staff Paths" to disable the visitors from walking into this path/stairs. But the protestors will just...
  4. B

    random loss of credits

    logged on for the first time in about a month and loss nearly 700 million credits.
  5. XXXhaze85

    Missing face of mission givers

    The face of the characters who give missions (in the spaceport and inside the hub) and they disappear after a few minutes of play to give way to shadows... Then I only have black boxes to locate me and know who this character is... This affects the immersion of the game, please fix this bug...
  6. T

    Steam "VRing" the LAUNCHER instead of the game

    I have an Oculus Quest 2, Oculus app on the PC, Elite Dangerous + Odyssey on Steam, and SteamVR. I open into Air Link in my VR headset, and launch Elite Dangerous with SteamVR. Things appear to be working, but then it's quite apparent that what is happening, is Steam is trying to have the .exe...

    Bug Confirmed-Game Crash Bio Data

    WORK AROUND: sell a page, exit, sell another page, and repeat until patched. At Jaques Station, Vista Genomics, I am trying to sell my organic data. I let page 1/3 load and when I click either right or left page buttons on the UI, the game crashes. I’ve successfully crashed the game three...
  8. BBordewyk

    BUG: Decoration lights don't work.

    !BUG REPORT! Decorative lights do not light even when powered, or when in sandbox mode with unlimited power on. Lights on buildings, vehicles, and tour paths are all emissive when powered. So, it appears to only be a problem with the "Classic Lights", "Modern Lights", and "Jurassic World Banners".
  9. C

    srv bug (an observation)

    So I've been frustrated with the bug involving the scooping of items with the SRV, but noticed something interesting. This morning I needed to gather some specific mats, wanted to do it quick so I went to bug killer crash site. used to be quick and easy for what I needed. Kind of a go to...
  10. microwar

    Constant crash.

    Started yesterday and is ongoing. Games crashes from 30 sec to 2 min into startup. Cant play anymore. Worked perfectly 2 days ago, and nothing changed on my end. Sent in crashreport every time, and also a bugreport.

    SRV boarding makes loot float

    i parked near some wreckage and used the laser cutter to pop one of those rack of canisters. i walked back to my SRV and boarded. when i got back in my SRV all the cannisters and other loose stuff to pick up was floating a short distance out of reach. not sure if this has been reported yet. this...
  12. T

    Galaxy map Broke

    Wondering if anyone else has had this happens to them before. I’m on PC but use a xbox controller I was playing Elite earlier today and everything worked just fine. I later exited the game to do something else and when I returned to elite I found that I could not hold “A” to plot course in...
  13. Cosmic Rookie

    is my panel broken?

    I am doing the CG and trying to check my progress. My transaction panel though looks like this Besides the color, that i have changed using EDHM_UI, what is wrong with this? The right part of the panel seems cropped, and all broken. Also do my deliveries still count? can i check my progress...
  14. A

    return to isla nublar chaos theory bug or error

    I have come to report several errors that I have come to see on this map First: when we have to find blue and look for clues, are there deer along the way, since when are there deer in the nublar? second: when he asks me to remove all the buildings from the park which I have erased practically...
  15. A

    Null barrier should not have terrain limitations like other barriers

    When placing a null barrier on a cliff, and you then want to go down off the cliff, you get an error saying "Terrain too uneven for placement". This should not be a limitation, as we are not actually placing a real object. Please fix! Example
  16. P

    Duplicated mission items (bug)

    Hi, I just bought an expansion and we played with my friend to complete ground missions, but missions were always really glitchy. Missions are like, you need to find something on a planet and return it to starport. The bug is that containers were always duplicated and it is not possible to use...
  17. J

    Influence bug?

    Often when I turn in a mission for an Influence +++++ reward, I end up getting no influence at all. The icon displaying the reward has all the icons greyed out, and testing seems to indicate that this isn't just an interface bug, but that the influence really isn't given to the mission giving...
  18. R

    Escape Key / Cancel Placement Keybinding is BROKEN

    I'm pretty exasperated with this bug - the escape key, more specifically the keybinding "Cancel Placement, Close Browser, Deselect Object, Open Pause Menu" is completely broken. My keyboard is working perfectly, escape key works in every other program. I've tested rebinding the command to other...
  19. S

    Icy Traslucent! Features or Bug?

    o7 cmdrs On the planet AO RUN 4 D A we have found a strange feature regarding the icy planet and rocks/fumaroles on the surface. All surfaces not exposed to starlight in the system created a translucence through the rocks with obvious depth effect. The effect can be seen by simply creating a...
  20. I

    Mission 2 Washington State Allosaur Bug

    Hello! In mission 2 after sedating the Allosaur you're supposed to "Perform a Status Check on the Allosaurus" and "Ensure the Allosaurus is safely enclosed". I cannot complete the second objective: "Ensure the Allosaurus is safely enclosed" even though its comfort is at 100% and its in a...
  21. B

    Animals going through fences

    Hi everyone! I'm having some issue with animal ignoring the fences (mostly with turtles and fennec).Unfortunately i can't upload screenshots because it says that something went wrong.I wanted to buy a DLC but this issue is so annnoying that makes me stop playing the game every time it...
  22. M

    Oddysey engineers dont invite people. You can't advance in game.

    Since oddysey was released the game is in a beta state. Engineers dont invite me so I cant build a suit. Dont you think is best to work with the many bugs of the game or continue adding untested content and create more bugs? https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/44221
  23. Herlev

    PvP Exploit or clever use of game mechanics?

    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kx5VaPkcR4k
  24. B

    (Bug) Juvenile crocodile losing traversable area

    Hi, I just wanted to check if anyone knows what is causing or how to solve this bug. See the video below (you must click the source link beneath the embed, the embed doesn't seem to work): Source: https://imgur.com/OZs4H0v This is in Franchise mode, 3x playspeed. Every few minutes, one or...
  25. R

    No music during space combat and/or arriving at a station with your ship

    Pretty much as the title says, but obviously Im gonna elaborate (sorry in advancement for any typos, english is not my native language): Recently I upgraded to Odissey (well, I bought the expanssion about 2 months ago but it was in such a bad state that I decided topark it and wait for more...
  26. CMDR HumDrumWoodsman

    Ship clipped through landing pad after "Mauve Adder"

    So, I was sat on the pad at a settlement, about to take off, when I got a Mauve Adder error. When my connection came back I saw this: I disembark, coming out "underground" beneath the ship, and manage to walk away and up a kind of ramp to get to ground level, where I see: This is definitely...
  27. Brimston

    stuck on Carrier interface

    I'm getting an issue on my fleet carrier : As you can see it's a total mess. I cannot even exit this, I have to back to menu and log back, but the interface stays like this whatever I do, as long as I'm on it. I can get off, I can get back on, as long as I don't go to carrier services. Tried...
  28. norlin

    Bug Report: Strong aliasing no matter what AA setting to use

    Hey, Since the issues portal is not working, posting my bug report here. The Odyssey have very annoying aliasing everywhere no matter what anti-aliasing setting I use. Here is the example from Ultra setting on a 4k screen, right from the game's main menu: Source: https://youtu.be/3klrzxoF7Wc
  29. Plaidygami

    [BUG] Sharing missions in a team causes jumping to supercruise to freeze after mission requirements completed

    So I'm just wondering if anyone else can reproduce this issue. "So my friend and I joined a team. We then each took a mission and shared it (so we both had two shared missions total). We flew to a planet in his ship together. We completed the requirements. We then returned back to his ship...
  30. Limmar Ponyets

    Can't complete delivery mission bug?

    UPDATE: Most likely it's this issue: https://issues.frontierstore.net/issue-detail/42903 Not a regular player here, so apologies if this is a well known bug (I've seen reports of similar ones) or—not too unlikely either—if I'm too stupid to understand the problem. Saw a blue "mission" signal...
  31. KaoRu

    Pixelated Items From New DLC?

    I could be wrong but uuhhh.......Are they meant to be this pixilated? 👀
  32. BBordewyk

    BUG: Reduced texture quality when using scenery items.

    !BUG REPORT! Even with graphical settings at their highest, including texture quality, the quality of textures on a number of assets, especially vehicles, drops to its lowest resolution. It appears that this happens when "too many" scenery items, such as trees, signs, and lights, are placed on...
  33. A

    'Infiltrate the Data Link' missions being broken by 'Log already accessed' scan output

    Trying to get myself access to the Sirius system for that engineer. I head over to the Takurua system where there are 3 different Sirius stations and a grab a bunch of missions from all the stations to start banging out. I don't mine or trade, and the only remaining mission type was "Infiltrate...
  34. cmdr_Giboulot

    ED:Odyssey Update 7 Performance Issue and proofs

    Hello there, I did some record compairing my old and new CPU, a Ryzen 3600 and a Ryzen 5600X. I got a pretty impressive performance jumpt from 25-40fps to 50-60fps, showing a strong CPU bottleneck. But today Update 7 got live and I tested it... It's got freeze and frame rendering issues...
  35. O

    NPC style changes randomly? a bug perhaps?

    I have started my journey into the galaxy and when I wanted to sell my biostuffs, that NPC kept changing her style forth and back, the location name is Amundsen Terminal in Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10
  36. Xanderboom

    General Lighting Bug "Federal Corvette" - Please Fix - 15-08-2021 - ED:O

    Dear FDev, I made this video for the purpose of a possible fix. It is pretty much so annoying and frankly ridiculous, That i don't want to play any further on Odyssey until this is fixed! Thank you. Regards, CMDR Xanderboom
  37. G

    hello i'm haveing a problem with my game it frequently having graphical problem where the screen will stretch and will all mos

    the screen will stretch and will almost be unplayable due to the the issue at hand is when I enter the game no matter where I am after 10 seconds or so and just gets progressively worse as I play.
  38. yoav_r

    Is anyone experiencing guests not donating in sandbox?

    Ever since the last update my guests won't donate. I wandered if it may be some configuration I overlooked, or is it a real bug?
  39. Ian grant

    Planet Coaster Autosave Issue.

    Everytime the game autosaves my game freezes for a couple minutes. Anyone else having this issue?
  40. S

    Need help with Odyssey graphics issue (plants look horrendous)

    Hi, I was really disappointed with the launch of Odyssey and decided to let it sit for a while and try again after a few patches. Yesterday I started it up again (in VR) and noticed horrible performance and really bad looking planets. I closed VR and started it without, performance was meh...
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