1. D

    guardian site broken

    I went to the guardian site at Synuefe EN-h d11-28 planet 8B. I did all the pylons in time then went back to the start site to drop the guardian relic id grabbed there and nothing happened. so i went and grabbed every key around the site and dropped them all on the slot for them and still...
  2. T

    Stuck accessing System Map

    Greetings Commanders, I quite regularly stumble upon a bug where I am locked out of control when I try to access System Map. The only fix is to return to menu and then back into game but I guess it's not the intended solution. I tried searching for the issue in Issue Tracker but search by...
  3. C

    Randomly blew up while dropping from supercruise

    I and my friend in wing randomly and instantly blew up after dropping nearby a station inb4:"you bumped eachother at lightspeed" we came from different directions.
  4. A

    ostrich challenge not working

    ive released around 100 3 star ostriches in the wild but they keep saying i released zero.
  5. Meneer_vandaal

    BUG: (or on purpose?) No srv restock on carriers

    As apparently you need another login to report a bug in the crappiest bugreporting tool ever I'll just post it here. The effect is probably the same anyway. When you fly to fleet carrier and want to replace a destroyed SRV you get a server error and thus are forced to fly to the nearest station...
  6. M

    Bug after 1.50 update

    When arriving at destination station you come out of supercruise without your controls visible, ie no holo on your dashboard, no comm panels either. I need to completely log out and back in to restorethe HUD and controls
  7. Z

    Help !!!

    Bonjour, Je jouais tranquillement sur une planete, à essayer de récupérer des cargaisons de produits pour une quete, normal en somme. Mais voilà que le jeu plante, je ne faisait rien de spécial, si ce n'est me déplacer en VSR. Relance du jeu : Meme chose, dès que les textures de la planete se...
  8. llldasuselll

    Stafmembers not able to reach staffbuilding and/or habitats

    Since update 1.3, I get a lot of alerts that some of my staffmembers (keepers,vets and mechanics) are not able to find a staffroom and/or their habitat (since my zoo is big, I have approx. 70 alerts). A possible fix (doesn't seem to work all the time) is to place the staffmember next to that...
  9. KaoRu

    Guests walking through objects

    I noticed this MONTHS ago but just ignored it since I figured it would prob be fixed in an update but I discovered today that was a big NOPE. It's only happened with this centre piece from what I've seen so far though so not sure if it's just with centre pieces. 🤔
  10. KaoRu

    Money dropping faster than a Cheetah

    Okay I've installed the new update and DLC and now my Franchise zoo is taking a massive hit for some reason. My money dropped from 250k to currently 75k within 10 minutes of me playing and trying to fix whatever problems their may be. I've upped the price of tickets (since the guests were...
  11. Jeminyne

    Clicking problems in franchise

    Is franchise always this janky and infuriating? The buttons often take several (SEVERAL) times to click, specifically with the animal market and everything concerning selecting and placing an animal from it. When you try to click on an animal in the market, click through the pages of the market...
  12. Akane

    Stuck after Orange Sidewinder

    So I was getting off a planet yesterday and I tried to jump into supercruise. The timer has stopped at 0 and after a while I got disconnected with Orange Sidewinder error. I returned to the game but I'm unable to move anywhere. It looks like I'm in supercruise but with landing gear still...
  13. R

    Orange Sidewinder

    I've been trying in every game mode to go into supercruise in LFT 926 and I keep crashing with Orange Sidewinder. This is the first time I've tried playing since the last update. Computer restart has done nothing. Anyone have some black magic tricks for this one? Or what even Orange Sidewinder...
  14. Harrowdown

    Found an interesting issue with the Explore the Galaxy followup mission for beginners.

    My distraction du jour has been the Pilot's Federation District. The Explore the Galaxy mission is becomes available to new players in the Pilot's Federation District as soon as they have managed to receive a single rank in Combat, Trade or Exploration. Combat and Trade can be taken care of...
  15. CMDR Bausell

    Bug: Ship-launched fighter confused for an SRV

    RECORD SCRATCH You're probably wondering why I'm stuck in an SRV in the middle of deep space. My anaconda is equipped with both an SRV bay capable of holding two rovers and a fighter hangar with one bay. No multicrew in use. I tried deploying in a fighter. Next thing I know, I'm floating in...
  16. D

    Protestors Protesting Nothing or Animals that have High Welfare

    I really need a fix to this if anyone has one, I have been dealing with Protestors protesting nothing! Or! Coming in and sitting on paths protesting animals that were not unhappy to begin with, just randomly coming in. My attempts have been- Deleting the path, closing the zoo just enough to get...
  17. DeWumpus

    Ship destroyed when Autodocking. Unsure of reason?

    So I was autodocking at Ray Gateway and had to step away from my machine. I come back to see a Ship Destroyed notification. Can somebody help me figure out what may have happened? Relevant Log file excerpt:
  18. KaoRu

    Animals running through new walls?

    Came back to the game after about a month or so and for some reason, this has happened twice now, when I replace a wall or extend the enclosures (like my Flamingos who breed like rabbits), the animals yeet for that new wall and go THROUGH it like it was never there?! I then quickly change it to...
  19. Kestrel_Feathers

    Can't sell LTD at Fleet Carriers

    I've been sitting here with my cargo hold full of diamonds for 2 days now, checking Inara for prices, flying back and forth. For some reason, I can't sell LTDs. It either prompts me with a selling screen, which does absolutely nothing when I click sell or simply have no option to sell to that FC...
  20. C

    Bugged system?

    I'm in the Obamumbo system. I picked up battle weapons at Yegorov bound for Ivanchenkov. When I got there I couldn't deliver them, despite them being my inventory. The option to do so didn't even appear. I picked up more weapons at Ivan to take back to Yegorov. I can't deliver those either...
  21. Old Duck

    All pirates are griefers!

    I'm talking about these NPC pirates. Remember the good ol' days when an NPC would pull you over and give you n seconds to drop x amount of cargo? Not any more! Every single time I get pulled over by a pirate (who comments on my "juicy cargo"), it's instant smack, quack, give the duck a wack! I...
  22. G

    Unable to get a permit, even while allied

    I am allied with the "Defence party of Nastrond" but they do not have the option to get their permit. (I am at "Goran Gmitrovic", it is controlled by this faction)
  23. D

    Fleet Carrier Allocation Bug

    I was ready to do tritium trading today when I noticed my FC capacity was 24.6k/25k. Most of the space was lost to market allocation for an export that I closed 4 days prior. I could be mistaken and maybe I'm doing something wrong so in the google doc below I have a few screenshots. I don't...
  24. V

    You cannot buy drones on a carrier ship

    Good day to all! Installed the Extended Service services (arsenal, repairs, refueling) on the carrier ship. But in the advanced service menu I can’t buy drones ... He writes that there are not enough loans, although money> 1M loans. Tell me, has anyone encountered such a problem?
  25. norlin

    LTD mining is overpowered and it kills all other activities

    Hey FDevs, The LTD mining is way too overpowered and it renders all other activities to be mostly useless from the in-game perspective. Right now there are two different issues with mining: 1. Respawn bugs on re-login and even when flying away (~25km) on a launched fighter (while the ship is...
  26. D

    Fleet Carrier stuck, then jumped without me

    I ordered the FC to jump 499,27 Ly, and sat there in dock waiting for the jump to happend. Then the timer hit zero and the fuel went down. So I headed out with a small ship, just to see that we had not left the starting point, Anlave. So I returned to the ship, just to get the error "Scarlet...
  27. G

    [BUG] HELP ME! My ship suddenly exploded! Although I have credit, I can't get my ship back!

    My ship exploded suddenly while mining. Although I have enough credit, the button is closed. I sent a ticket and have been waiting for 8 Days. The answer came today. Please help me. I want atonement even if he doesn't give my ship. My hours and days have been wasted. Maybe another official will...
  28. E

    Travel to HIP 36601

    So decided to travel to System HIP 36601, took me 2.5-3h to get there. landed on planet to take materials i need. As soon as i turned around to shoot some minerals sticking up from the ground, got stuck on one of them. Solution? Suicide! Quit the game didnt work, got spawned in in exact same...
  29. SOUL-C

    Is there a bug with the FLEET CARRIER.....

    After game maintenance,when my fleet carrier jump or I log in to the game again,the paint job of the fleet carrier will disappear,I need to reset it,what happened?????
  30. C

    General Top 5 Local Bounties Bug

    Top 5 local bounties listing is not accurate at Shrartra Dezra. I accrued 15M+ CRs of bounties there which should place me in the second position but I am not listed. Sorry but I don't see the bug reporting page so 'suggesting' FDev fix it.
  31. W

    Post FC Update BUGLIST

    Found the following issues post FC Update After visiting an Engineer mechanical noises play all the time no matter what - Game breaking, probably will take a break from playing until FDev fixes Incoming Critical Messages don't appear in Inbox any more - Game breaking No ATC messages...
  32. S


    So I was playing back in 2015-2016 and became achieved Baron rank with the empire before taking a good long break from the game. I come back and I lost ALL of my rank. While I still have my federation rank that i acquired before ever ranking with the empire. Had them both ranked up but now...
  33. 0

    Ship's just gone?

    I got killed yesterday and I was done and hopped off only to hop on today and I'm in a Sidewinder and can't find my Diamond Explorer fully kitted at 29 mil and I have the insurance money, so where the gently caress is my ship? I've had so many bugs and connections issues lately I'm probably just done at...
  34. C

    General Silly FDev QA

    What's wrong with this picture (a nameplate on a FC):
  35. Maxsam

    Fleet Carrier Audio Glitch when Entering and Exiting Hyperspace Portal

    Greeting CMDRs o7! I've noticed in Fleet Carrier Beta 2 and Live update that there is a audio glitch (bug) when jumping. What is it? Fleet Carriers have awesome sound design and effects, so when Carrier is about to enter Hyperspace Portal it does three 'foghorn' like sound effects and three...
  36. C

    Bug: First Collector Limpet expiring

    I found an interesting problem when using Collector Limpets with an Asp Explorer. Whenever I go to a High Grade Emissions source and launch my Collector Limpets, the first one ALWAYS fails, and I mean always. It always takes me two Collector Limpets to pick everything up because the first one is...
  37. S

    Sound bugs still here after Carrier update!

    As the title says... we STILL are having stupid sound bugs.... garage background sound persists after taking off and traveling in space, and worse of all we STILL have no voices at the stations or outpost from the dispatch like we use to before update. I've been trying to be patient but its...
  38. J

    Keyboard has completely stopped working in new patch - can't play at all

    Ever since the new patch, I cannot use my keyboard in-game. I've tried several keyboards. I've uninstalled and tested the game without Razer software (I use a Razer Cynosa keyboard). I've uninstalled and re-installed all C++ redistributables. I've uninstalled NVidia experience. The game...
  39. S

    No station voices...

    Ever since the update, the station voices that usually tell you stuff like "proceed to landing pad bla bla", "landing complete, dispacting ground crew", ect... but now theres nothing. i never realized how impactful this was to the overal feel of landing at a station but now it all feels...
  40. A

    Way To Many Problems!

    I have played Planet Zoo for a total of 320+ hours (mainly Sandbox, but a little franchise as well) and I have never had an issue with my staff not being able to enter any of the staff buildings until today (05/29/2020). I have deleted paths many times just to reconnect to the staff buildings...
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