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  1. Frillop Freyraum

    Surprising Insight on losing a CZ

    Up to know I was under the believe that losing a CZ won't harm my faction. I've now got some strong indication (no evidence though, need more samples) that this assumption is wrong. Unfortunately, I have a hard time to believe that: Wouldn't it be way too easy to abuse, as in just taking part...
  2. V

    Why friendly capital ship is attacking me in conflict zones?

    As soon as he appears the first thing he does is attack me. I never fire at him, i never fire at any friendly ships. It happened multiple times.
  3. Lain

    Zender Partners Winning so far on Day 1

    Zende Partners are winning by odds of about Two to One so far here on Day 1. People just can't live without their multi-cannons. Wonder if this will keep up as the week progresses. I hold on to the data about the Missile Racks being better, but not everyone knows about said data or just...
  4. Lain

    Next Week's Goal: Which reward would you rather have? (Spoilers)

    -So next week's Community Goal is a Conflict Zone with the option of supporting for a Missile Rack or a Multi-cannon. -Knowing the community of this game the winner is 100% going to be the Multi-cannon. -But placing that aside, which Module would you rather have? -I like the idea of a shiny blue...
  5. Lain

    Conflict Zones: What affects the War?

    Conflict Zones: What affects your faction's status in the War? Is it just turning in Combat Bonds at any station where your faction is present, despite who controls the station? Does Winning a Conflict zone net your faction any points towards the War? I've attempted to research into this...
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