1. Old Duck

    More HUD options, please!

    I've been using the "mod" that removes various clutter from the HUD - supercruise speed lines, the circles and names around planets, etc. Here's a link to a thread post that details my use of this mod...
  2. C

    Display update error

    I couldn't add a image. I have display update error,ı can start launcher but when ı push to the start button ı have this problem "No 3D-accelerated display mode is avalible,please check that your display driver is up-to-date." and game closes. By the way ı have updated every lately driver...
  3. Bionic Bytes

    Game changing new 3rd party cockpit display

    I’m making two cockpit display panels with real 3D rendering of icons and display data. The idea is to run them on portable plugin monitors and use Thrustmaster Cougar MFD panels around the edge of the screens. This way the cockpit extension is fully dynamic and responsive to in game events and...

    I FOUND A FIX TO THE BUGS OCCURRING IN WING VOID OPAL MINING... (Detonator Display not working etc)

    Over the past several days me and my wing have had experienced many repeatable bugs while attempting to do void opal core mining together and as a result of much frustration and loosing hundreds of millions of creds to the bugs, we have found a reliable fix... Basically while in the wing I...
  5. G

    How do you get 'Current System Value' displayed on your screen?

    I've been watching Fireytoad on twitch and he has a load of stats on his screen, just wondering how you get them as I am doing a lot of exploring and would find this useful.
  6. T

    Music in Sequencer Timetable

    When going to a certain time by clicking on the timetable shown on the picture, the fireworks and fountains are fine, but the music is a few seconds late, please tell me I don't have to start the show over every time I want to see if something is timed correctly?
  7. Uvelius Sång

    Release Multi-Screen proection of cockpit tabs?

    I leafed through the Codex but couldn't find it, so allow me to ask here (in the hope that this is the correct thread): Is there any 3rd party tool out there that allows assigning one of the tabs (comms, contacts, status ...) to a secondary, odd-sized monitor? This sounds quite...
  8. Dark4ge

    Additional off screen controls.

    Like many I utilise Roccat's PowerGrid to extend my keyboard controls onto a couple of android devices. This thoroughly adds to immersion and investment in the gameplay. It's only real drawback for me is that it provides no feedback from the game data/conditions. What I would like to suggest...
  9. B

    Universal Cartographics

    On the Universal Cartographics page, does anyone know if there is a way to scroll thru the right side list where the Stars, planets, etc are. I cant find a way to do that when you have scanned a star system that has more objects than the area designated for the display of the cartographic data...
  10. kris44dad

    Uses for a second monitor

    I just finished watching one of the MANY YouTube videos on Elite Dangerous. The author did a really wonderful editing job,with external shots of the ship, shots from underneath going thru the station entryway, the landing gear deploying, etc. It made me think, it would be cool if the game did...
  11. S

    Pilot helmet as HUD built inside

    When you loose your canopy your helmet auto deploys, this should have a HUD display on your visor. Or eye piece attachment inside helmet. (VR would be awesome!)
  12. psyron

    General / Off-Topic False-Flag-Operations within ED?

    Should "False-Flag-Operations"/"False-Flag-Terrorism" be allowed/possible/exist within Elite Dangerous as part of the story line or within special missions? First, what is a "False-Flag-Operation"? A "False-Flag-Operation" is an operation planed by a government/group in which an attack on the...
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