Release Multi-Screen proection of cockpit tabs?

I leafed through the Codex but couldn't find it, so allow me to ask here (in the hope that this is the correct thread):

Is there any 3rd party tool out there that allows assigning one of the tabs (comms, contacts, status ...) to a secondary, odd-sized monitor?

This sounds quite straightforward, so I guess there should be something out there -- it it would work at all.
Thanks for any hints.
No, sorry, there are no 3rd party apps that'll do that explicitly. There is this app Roccat (Rockat) Power Grid (customization & setup required) out there that'll let you pull up and navigate the panels with a tablet/phone; and by voice command with VoiceAttack but not with the panels displayed on another tablet/phone/monitor screen(s). There are a few other apps that do the above but I haven't had the time to get into the guts of what they can do.

The main reason this hasn't happened yet is because the information from the panel(s) is not available on the client side (your PC) that's provided in the player journal in your Elite install folder. The "player journal" is the file most 3rd party apps use to pull player information from in one way or another. I believe, panel(s) information has been requested to be made available by several 3rd party devs to fulfill somewhat similar requests like yours but the request hasn't yet been fulfilled by Fdev. In Fdev's defense, they did rework and expanded the information available through the player journal recently, just not panel information. And as far as I know, Fdev hasn't given a reason for not having this information available nor a timeline of when/if this information will be available.

This would be nice to have though! Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) gives 3rd party devs access to MFCDs (and other displays) information/display for the Thrustmaster Cougar MFC Display(s) or DIY Simpit with multiple screens. There are a few apps that can do what you've requested just not with this game (yet).
DCS References:
Helios - Panel Editor/Creator
UltraMFCD - Panel Editor/Creator

So it's not that it's not possible, just not possible at this moment.
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