1. mach1ne


    FAN-MADE ELITE DANGEROUS: ODYSSEY TRAILER A CGI video cut with the Official Trailer footage using iClone and 3dsMax
  2. R

    Anyone know if I can make a fan site and what content I can use?

    I want to make a fan site showing the game off as well as in-game video, images, audio, text, and other forms of media captured by my own hand with a recruitment page to my squadron. I have checked the T's/C's for info on this and it says I need written permission first. I've emailed frontier...
  3. StrangeFox

    Felicity Farseer Expanded Lore

    Hello Cmdrs, Wanted to make sure this is the place for me to post this, let me know if it's not. I am working a comic based on my personal adventures in Elite: Dangerous, and I've reached the point where I need to include Felicity Farseer. Since my main ship is the Diamondback Explorer, and she...
  4. General Zach

    Project Obsidian alpha

    N/A Looking upon the results of the situation of a suggestion literally just that became something else, thus requesting immediate close of the thread for comments to be shut down as well as the thread. Though for those to continue to view this and intend to comment will be left in the void...
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