Felicity Farseer Expanded Lore

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Wanted to make sure this is the place for me to post this, let me know if it's not.

I am working a comic based on my personal adventures in Elite: Dangerous, and I've reached the point where I need to include Felicity Farseer. Since my main ship is the Diamondback Explorer, and she has actual lore surrounding her Asp Explorer, both made by Lakon, I wanted to add a bit of lore involving her being the chief engineer at lakon during the Diamondback and Asp Projects. I figured that would be an excellent explanation as to how she knows alot about her Asp and familiarity with the systems. As a personal entry to her lore, she holds a bit of disdain for the Diamondback Explorer. She was in charge of designing the FSD systems for both the asp and diamondback series, and she believes that it's faults stem from the fact it was hastily made specifically to cater to complaints made by shareholders and a lack of actual innovation to the exploration aspect make it a glorified Diamond back scout and not what it could have been. She's quick to crack her opinion on the project if you let her. She has nothing but good things to say about the asp, however. Ive introduced her as a knowledgeable genius in the field of exploration, yet a bit sassy in her old age thanks to a bit of boredom being alone on a planet. Of course, this is all my personal head cannon, I figured I'd leave it open to discussion. Any additional info you'd like to add would be appreciated and I will add more as long as it follows the actual lore close enough.

edit while brainstorming some more, I wanted to add on to the cannon lore a bit more that talked about her career as an explorer. What made her stop? Perhaps it was her old age that made it more difficult. Perhaps she wanted to take over her father's mining operations after he passed away.. Or perhaps she saw something outside the bubble. Something that would put the fear in any explorer and haunt them for the rest of their life. The universe is filled with the unknown. Perhaps it was first contact with a thargoid ship that turned her off the path of exploration. Who can really say.

On another note, though the comic hasn't made it past some concept art of the captain and her co-pilot, and a few sketches of Felicity smacking the co-pilot across his big stupid face, I am still far from being able to show anything just yet. I'll keep you posted, but I want to add one thing before I go. This lore is a personal additive to the existing lore in the game. Felicity has her own lore already, and this is just an interpretation based on that. I urge you to add your thoughts on the subject below and I will answer any questions you have.
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Always room for more lore. I love Elite, but have to say I've always thought it needed more lore. Watching this thread for updates!
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