flight controller

  1. nickweb

    'Flight Control' - Elite Dangerous music

    It's CMDR Nickweb85 back again with another track! This time it's based on one of the flight controllers we all interact with. Again, it's been composed entirely from audio clips of Elite: Dangerous and nothing else. I hope you enjoy it!
  2. S

    Discussion X52 Pro, X56 or T.16000M

    Thinking of getting a stick for playing but am not sure which to get, I've read that the one in game is almost identical to the X52 but the T.16000M is designed with the game in mind, and obviously the X56 has the dual thrust and more buttons, which one should I get, do any of them obviously...
  3. dreampage

    Flight Controllers Don't Acknowledge Landing Permission (again)

    This minor but frustrating bug has again resurfaced in Elite. If you have a docking computer aboard your ship and you request landing permission, you get the permission but the Flight Controller doesn't say a thing. He only acknowledges your permission and points you to a landing pad when you...
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