1. MAD7 Danuwoa

    Guide / Tutorial Danger Zone Reference Library

    The Danger Zone Galactic Archive Designed to be the one stop consolidated information library for Elite Dangerous. For the new Commander in search of Where to go, and What to do when you get there, and for the Veteran that may need a bit of reminder. The Archive consists of an A - Z library of...
  2. Yamiks

    [video] How to make EASY credits If you have a favorite EASY method of making credits : do share it below!
  3. Yamiks

    Money making meta : Arro Naga Sourcing missions
  4. Yamiks

    [Video] Elite tips : Exploration Once more to appease forum dads here's the written (more boring) version: #1 Fuelscoop #2 Fuel rats #3 Strip the ship #4 Best scanners #5 Max out Jumprange #6 Repairs #7 Asteroid bases #8 Road to riches #9 Passanger missions Post your favorite tips for exploration...
  5. Yamiks

    [Video] Elite tips : Engineering

    VIDEO HERE To appease those angry forum-dads I'll spoil at least the main points of the video in a written if that makes something anymore valid..oh well =} #1 - Engineer FSD 1st #2 - recommended 3rd party tools (watch if you want to know which ones) #3 - Unlocking commodity...
  6. Yamiks

    [Video] How to spend first 100 MILLION
  7. FurryFailure

    Material Traders are dictated by the System Economy - TIL

    Okay, so I know this information is already out there, but I'm only finding bits and pieces of it, so my intentions with this thread is to further help those looking for solid answers regarding Material Trader locations and how to better find them, so, well, here goes; Tonight I was out with my...
  8. Ghost Giraffe

    5 Things Everyone Knows Except for You

    No matter if you've been playing for five minutes or five years, there'll always be something everyone knows except for you. Here we highlight some tips that we didn't know about until recently!
  9. Jimbodiah

    Guide / Tutorial FAQ: Where to find material x

    After reading countless threads and trying to unlock the engineers myself, I thought it might be a good idea to start a FAQ topic on where/how to find those impossible to find items you need to craft or unlock engineers. Maybe the mods can make this a sticky? I'll update the main post with new...
  10. L

    flight assist or not?

    Should I be using this? I now appreciate that I can flip and maintain focus on a target for longer without flight assist on but then find it harder to hold targets in ceosshairs. What do the players who are much better than me use? And what about roll correction? Thanks
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