1. M

    I remember a trip to the Zoo where....

    I remember as a child my parents first taking me to the zoo and on a warm day filled with new discoveries, finding out new things we ended up watching a Zoo Keeper in a Lion Taming scenario. He did have a whip but only for noise and distracting the huge cats, He did have a chair for protection...
  2. Mrs. L

    A week in the making - A rare, indigenous Stealth Beluga!

    Have you ever been ferrying wanted criminals around and had this thought: "Why am I only ferrying this one guy around in secret... when I can isolate myself in deep space with dozens of possibly violent individuals at the same time?" Thus, I bring you the rare and exotic Stealth Beluga Build...
  3. Lordxenu

    The huge q4 dissapointment no one is talking about

    Once again fdev have screwed the community unless I'm wrong (and I seriously hope I am) where is the announcement of cheese being added as a commodity? This was raised years ago and fdev still have listened #gamesdead #steamcharts #dbobelied

    Still only 10.000cr for new thargoid scouts, seriously???

    I initially thought this was a bug and i asked the frontier help account on twitter once i realized that the entirely new, more dangerous thargoid scouts... do not provide any bigger combat bonds at all... and this is intended behavior. Seriously?? The arguably easy thargoid scouts of before...
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