1. Dusk118

    Supercruise Assist "Activate/Deactivate" Keybind

    As it stands right now, the Supercruise Assist module is a gift from the gods, but more often than not, I've been finding myself needing a keybind for instant activation and deactivation rather than using the Nav Panel to switch it on/off. If this could be implemented either as its own keybind...
  2. Shadowdancer

    Control changes with April 2019 update

    Just FYI, here's changes that are made to custom .binds files when modifying them after the April 2019 update: New binding "GalaxyMapHome" (unassigned by default) BuggyCycleFireGroupNext, BuggyCycleFireGroupPrevious, OpenCodexGoToDiscovery_Buggy and PlayerHUDModeToggle_Buggy, copied from...
  3. CDMD Strife

    Missile fire button

    irritates me that i cannot set missiles on a key-bind, this is definitely one of my biggest issues in combat. In every other game and real life I can set individual weapons to individual buttons, and for good reason. Sometimes, I don't want to fire flak, multicannons, and missiles at the same...
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