1. SergMx

    Elite and Linux

    Since NET5 is released under Linux, are there any plans to port the game to Linux ?
  2. SergMx

    ED and Linux

    Hi all ! Since modern heavy games work faster than their windows counterparts, did anyone check out Elite there?
  3. K

    [SOLVED] [Linux] Journal files

    Hi everyone! Alright so the game works fine with the latest Proton version, but I can't seem to find my journals anywhere. I like to save my progress on EDSM, being a part of DW2 and all that, so that's a real bummer for me. I've found some files called NetLog.XXXXXXXXXX.XX.log (with X being...
  4. Timpraetor

    ED Running successfully under Steam Play on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 with GTX 1050Ti

    After a multi-night hair pulling blitz, I'm happy to report that I now have Elite running on Ubuntu Linux 18.04.2 under Steam with RedMcG's Proton build. My system specs: Intel i7 5770 @4GHz MSI Gaming MB Nvidia GTX 1050Ti 32GB DDR3 1600 RAM 500GB Samsung EVO 650 SSD Ubuntu 18.04.2 Minimal...
  5. Cmdr Eagleboy

    How to install ED on Linux using Wine [EXPERIMENTAL, NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED]

    To setup Wine for playing ED under Linux see GitHub Wiki - please use this, and provide feedback and updates to this wiki page to collate information about running ED under Linux.
  6. VictorT

    Elite:Dangerous for Linux?

    Hey, I'd like to start YET ANOTHER thread asking.. Who here has already pledged for Elite: Dangerous, and would consider upping their pledge on the chances there'll be a Linux version? (I fall into this category.) Who here would actually *considering* pleding if there was a chance of someday...
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