1. D

    What are the most common zoo animals (Google Sheets)?

    What are the most common zoo animals? I have been working on this personal project for a while. I have tallied animals according to how often they appear on zoo websites, for over 50 zoos. The attached link will bring you to my Google document where you can suggest changes. If there is an...
  2. Cyndalen

    Better Bookmarks

    The selection of bookmarks is quite helpful in the galaxy map. However, it takes several clicks to reach them from the pilot's seat. I would therefore like to see an additional place with a listing of the bookmarks in the navigation tab or in the contacts. Gladly also with a separate favorite...
  3. Qohen Leth

    Notable Phenomena Repository | Please add yours!

    Heya :) So with the Codex being only the tip of a database, it looks like our usual community initiative would be beneficial yet again. In this regard, I've prepped a little Notable Phenomenon submission form, accompanied by its --you guessed it-- spreadsheet, in order to have ourselves a...
  4. kris44dad

    Newcomer / Intro Is there any way to administer the "ignore" list?

    Specifically, 1) Is there any way to add items other then locking onto a current fragment and adding it? (If I want to add more than one, or there isn't a fragment of whatever currently floating around.) 2) How do you remove something from the ignore list? Locking onto a previously ignored...
  5. G-Dubya

    Adjust experimental effect material list

    o7 Commanders, I am looking for a list of materials needed by the engineers to add “experimental effects” to a module or weapon. Does such a thing exist? I have had a look on inara and google but no luck. Help Commanders.!
  6. V

    Possible dinosaurs list SPOILER

    Based on youtuber Jurassic world Evolution gameplay demo, i made a possible uncomplete alphabetic list of dinosaurs on IGEN DATABASE, on the demo, so in the game so far. Thus are sreenshot of youtube, INGEN DATABASE alphabetics dinosaurs list: And this is my possible list base on DNA...
  7. ebbrell

    In game system history tab and faction status viewer

    It would be nice to have a tab which list all the systems you have visited sorted by the most recent along with distance jumped and star class. A numBer of new systems you have discovered as a stat on right hand panel also. With a drill in to a list along with galaxy map link. Also a way of...
  8. Yamiks

    [video] Top 5 best looking ships Feel free to share your own list down below!
  9. Samboah

    Mining Ignore list could be improved

    Firstly, I love the ignore list! However... I notice that my Sulphur is maxed out and my little space-ants are still picking it up and waiting for who knows what. Suggestion: if your materials are maxed out, put them on the ignore list until there is space again. Cheers PS: Well done for...
  10. D

    Newcomer / Intro Mixed messages regarding SLFs

    So I play on Xbox One and I'm getting mixed messages on what ships will carry ship launched fighters. On forums and on Rougey I'm seeing that the type10 defender is able to yet in game from the Crew screen that ship isn't listed ... Can any one give me a definitive list of ships that support...
  11. Alec Turner

    Alec's best of the forum (and elsewhere) [v2]

    (banner image courtesy of Qohen Leth) So quite often I find myself wanting to recommend a bunch of forum threads to other players and rather than having to dig around each time I thought I'd start a thread that attempts to pull all the good (IMHO) stuff together in one place. I'm going to try...
  12. A

    List sorting options

    My Friends and Groups lists are in an apparently random order, no list sorting. My personal Private group is around 20th on the list, yet starts with the letter a, and should be near the top if not always first because it is my personal, private group. The rest of the entries on the list are in...
  13. Uncoupledlight9

    Suggestion: Navigation panel/contact list refresh

    I have had a quick scan through previous threads and can't find any related material, but I would think that someone must have commented on this before. Whilst in Arinack collecting materials around the Naphtha Class Tanker it became quickly apparent that I was being frustrated by the speed the...
  14. marx

    List of Earth-like worlds, v3

    Welcome to the List of Earth-like Worlds! You can find the new version of the list at The explanation of the changes can be found in this post. The previous version of the list, which is no...
  15. StefanOS

    German commander's list - Die Liste der deutschen Commander wird weitergeführt in 2019!

    Hallo, Commander! Jeder ist willkommen sich in die deutsche Liste einzuschreiben. Sinn der Liste ist es den Kontakt in ED mit deutschsprachigen Spielern zu erleichtern. Wer sich einschreiben will schickt bitte eine PRIVAT MESSAGE hier im Forum an mich! Die Form sollte so aussehen mit MINUS als...
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