In game system history tab and faction status viewer

It would be nice to have a tab which list all the systems you have visited sorted by the most recent along with distance jumped and star class.

A numBer of new systems you have discovered as a stat on right hand panel also. With a drill in to a list along with galaxy map link.

Also a way of viewing all factions you are not netrual with. This would have a filter allowing you to see allied, friendly or hostile etc. When the factions list, give the ability to drill in to see the systems they operate in. Using the list allow a link to the galaxy map which selects the system.

This will help the c an p system, somebody who is wanted, may be able to search for a friendly face etc.

This should be in game an will assist with vr, vr using have to left vr units off head to look at out of game sources of information, this needs to be in game.
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