1. B

    Noobs in distress - Need help asap.

    Hi everyone, My friend and I have been playing ED for around 20h now. Since yesterday, we've been having issues getting into a wing. For example, I'd send him a wing request - it wouldn't pop up in his chat window. He'd send me a wing request - I would be able to see it, but wouldn't be able to...
  2. Old Duck

    Some graphics settings questions for new VR guy

    I went ahead and ordered a Rift S on sale, so now I have some questions. I doubt I'll be able to keep my ultra settings for VR, so what settings can I scale back without greatly diminishing the visual quality? Worded another way, which settings are GPU intensive but don't really add that much to...
  3. Meneer_vandaal

    Newcomer / Intro "Massacre {COUNT} {FACTION} ships. Level: Mostly harmless." missions

    Seems clear enough. So I look through the list and pick one for "my level" (mostly harmless). I find one, commit myself... Alas, the 'Level: Mostly harmless" seems complete nonsense. You're directed to a "Conflict Zone" (following the indications where {FACTION} can be found) with nothing...
  4. Onionbolt

    PVP Interdiction question

    I recently switched from Solo/Group play to Open play and on my first day I ran into a random commander who interdicted me. During the interdiction while still in supercruise I noticed that even though I kept my reticle at the escape vector (at max speed) my "escape meter" kept going down, even...
  5. Zaxoosh

    No0b Experiences [New Idea]]

    I have a new idea💡!. This involves the ED community to send in your stupidest, most dumbest moments in Elite, for example - CMDR Name: Max Luna (Or Anonymous if you wish) Ship You where in: Sidewinder (May have to be a Sidewinder for cost reasons) What you did: I attempted to speed dock a...
  6. BarberousMeow

    Ships best station to buy ships and internals

    TWO QUESTIONS: 1. What is the best place to buy ships? cheapest and with the highest variety? 2. Same question but with internals [up]
  7. BarberousMeow

    Im new!

    I'm new to ED and ive done my share of bounty hunting, got the cobra, bounty hunted some more and got the type-6. I am doing trade runs in this now because i wanted to try something new. Im wondering where to go from here? I only ever play by myself and i feel like i am missing out on a lot in...
  8. P

    Newcomer / Intro Promotion Missions?

    So I've been searching the net high and low and it has been an mixed bag of answers. I'm currently trying to gain ranks with the Federation so to some of you tired veterans it might be a dumb set of questions. I'm currently at 100% so i'm just waiting for the mission [Yes i'm aware its round up...
  9. R

    Community Event / Creation EEEEK! New Player : HELP ME!

    EEEEK! New Player: HELP ME! I am TOTALLY out of my depth! Please "Throw Me A Bone" and recommend best sites for Beginners Tips, and Offer Any other relevant advice I will need! NOTHING is too simple or obvious to offer up! Please assume total idiocy, ignorance and NOOBness on my part...
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