1. SergMx

    DLSS Nvidia in ED ?

    Will there be ?
  2. SixVI

    Hi, for issues on graphics. this might help a little bit for NVIDIA Users

    Go to NVIDIA Control Panerl > Manage 3D settings > Add app Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Executable scroll down to global Vertical Sync and turn it off. Run Odyssey Turn on vertical Sync Let me know if there's a change on fps. increase a little bit for me. (")7
  3. C

    I have an RTX 3070 mobile but ED:Horizons will only ever run at 32-40fps no matter what gfx settings I apply.

    Hey CMDRs, Bought a shiny new laptop in preparation for Odyssey but i'm barely able to push 40fps no matter where I am in game or what i'm doing. I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5800H Processor with a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3070 GPU. I'm running "extended display" between a 144hz 2560x1440 monitor and my...
  4. F

    Nvidia locks me into using HMD display

    So first of all, Nvidia detects two versions (purchased the game only through steam) of the game but the one it lets me "optimize" is locked into using VR headset display which I do not use. Basically when I'm trying to play, my monitor is locked into thinking it needs to use a lower resolution...
  5. Aasgard

    Windows 10 1093 Feature Update NVidia Issue

    Dear Commanders, Windows 10 downloaded and installed Feature Set Update 1093 last night while I was playing ED. Suddenly my NVidea GTX-1050-TI card stopped working and ED crashed. I have completed all necessary reboots and attempted to install NVidea drivers. No matter what I try to install...
  6. JazzyTech

    OC'ed NVidia RTX 2070 Super (Asus Strix) - Stable after 6 hrs of gaming. (ROG-STRIX-RTX2070S-A8G)

    Since I've had stability issues in the past with ED and overclocked cards (2x Asus "Strix" 960s SLI'd) I thought I'd share my experience with this new graphics card. Seems rock solid for me so far. Disabled V-sync and let the card run full out for the duration of gameplay (approx. 6 hrs.) I...
  7. A

    My Nvidia Graphic Card doesn't work....

    I have two graphic cards,one Intel HD Graphics 610 and Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti,but I even can't start my game,one label tell me that my graphic card cannot be identified,I need one 3D Graphic Card which could run Directx11,even I ban my core graphic card,I can enter the game,but picture and...
  8. GuruNot

    Hardware & Technical Latest Nvidia Ampere Rumours

    Meant to launch in first half of next year (which means it should be available to buy by the end of the year), perform better and cost less than the comparative 2000 Series .... https://wccftech.com/nvidia-ampere-rumors-massive-rt-performance-uplift-higher-clocks-more-vram-lower-tdps-vs-turing/...
  9. Happy Shrapnel

    Mouse issues with Oculus VR & Nvidia 416.34 drivers

    Anyone else get this? Geforce Drivers updated to 416.34 (released 11/10/2018 - UK Date). Starting ED in VR (Oculus) all is well until you come to the start game screen and your mouse goes nuts, flickering on the menus, jumping about making it impossible to select any of the options. Rolled...
  10. ebbrell

    Allow new nVIDIA DLSS in Q4

    as part of Q4 the which is going to include some new gorgeous looking stuff, can you allow or enable elements of the RTX technology from nVIDIA i dont mean the full ray traciing part as this may reduce the FPS too much. but can you enable the DLSS "Deep Learning Super Sampling" function pls...
  11. ZioYuri78

    JWE Screenie(s)...

  12. Cmdr Fremen

    [Alliance] Relentless (Villains of the Universe)

    To all the villains in the Elite: Dangerous Universe! Come and join the Relentless forums and voice chat to find outlaws like you! Play together and make friends, form a crew and participate in challenges! It's a place of cheap grog and bar music, shouting and laughter, fist fights and some...
  13. Cmdr Fremen

    Pirates, unite! - Call to Arms

    Attention! For every pirate in the Elite: Dangerous Universe. We have decoded the following message. We are broadcasting it on every channel from now on. We have to stand for ourselves and take back what's ours! http://youtu.be/Rr3KAB1wDC4 Pirates, unite! This is message is a response to...
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