1. Uncoupledlight9

    Xbox One controller

    I recently purchased a Razer Wolverine Ultimate control pad with the belief that the additional buttons and triggers would be beneficial for Elite. Stupidly it was a bit of an impulse purchase and now that I have read a number of reviews I realise that the additional buttons can only be...
  2. S

    Docking Request Denied

    So last night I was trying to dock at a space port and I put in (not even kidding) at least 20 back to back requests to dock and all were denied. All I wanted to do was drop off my three passengers.....a simple 7 million dollar job. Upon entry out of SC, there were no system authority vessels...
  3. ThomasWJames

    CANONN Interstellar Research Group

    Join the XBox One Canonn Squadron today! Simply search "Canonn" on the in-game Elite: Dangerous Squadron page and submit your application. Our home station is Thompson Dock in the Varati System. Canonn also has a community built/sponsored Megaship named the Gnosis; all are welcome on it, member...
  4. S

    Help - save corrupted!

    Today I found out my save became corrupt for some odd reason and I was pushed into select your starting ship screen as if I cleared save. Yesterday everything seemed to be fine. Xbox Game Tag: Nkizo Problem: Save corrupted
  5. E

    Enchance the xbox one version of elite dangerous

    So i play it a lot and i can tell you from the differences from pc and xbox one versions. The System/Galaxy map opening needs way to long 8-10 seconds everytime and on the Pc 2 seconds...So you know what to do fd team... Make the game a bit faster for the xbox thx. New content 3.2 maybe good but...
  6. A

    Throttle and joystick not working but buttons are T.flight xbox one

    Throttle and joystick not working but buttons are any body had similar troubles
  7. RNGesus Prime

    T-Flight Hotas & rudders not fully working

    I decided to step up my game and picked up the Xbox one hotas and pedals which finally arrived yesterday. There are a few things that I can't get to work correctly though. The rudder seems permanently linked to the stick twist and and toe brakes are simply ignored in the ED bindings. This...
  8. Release Notes PS4 1.1.2, XB1 1.1.1 Update

    Hi All, This morning we have released an update to the Xbox One and Playstation 4. This update does not apply to PC/Desktop. Here is the changes / updates for this version... Stability fixes Performance & Quality improvements As always, please report any issues found to our bug reporting...
  9. C

    Newcomer / Intro Hi, galactic pilots!

    Just wanted to check in,and say hello to all of you out there! Hope to meet up some time, somewhere. ;-) I'm wondering,as a new player if there's anything I should or shouldn't do at the start of my campaign? Does anyone have any tips for a newbie on Horizon (Xbox One HOTAS Joystick),please...
  10. M

    Unresponsive Left / Target panel

    After planetory missions or materials hunting on planets/moons, most of the time the left panel becomes unresponsive and I have to restart the game to have it fixed. I noticed this issue more accuring when flying the Diamondback Explorer. This issue was reported back in 2015 by pc users and...
  11. Q

    Console footage when?

    Hi all, i'm currently deciding whether to get this game for console or build a gaming PC, so what i need to make this decision is some console footage to compare it to the PC footage. All of the footage we have seen so far is clearly PC footage, which makes me concerned (with all that detail...
  12. B

    Bug issue with wing missions Xbox one

    So basically me and my friend (Xbox names "Backedheart12" and Snow Train 1991") did a wing mission to hunt a pirate down for 2.5 mil so once we got to said system I jumped out as needed to go afk for a moment to discover the guy was there so me and snow destroyed him in his anaconda and his...
  13. A

    Unrecoverable error on transaction server

    Please forgive me as I am sure that this is already in a thread elsewhere but this website is very difficult to navigate and I have no other way of ensuring I'm seen. I am in the middle of a very long run with a stack of missions all heading to Colonia totaling about 7.5 million credits and I...
  14. M

    Frame Shift Drive: New vs Old Engineers

    Greetings CMDRs! So I’m 30,000 LY from home right now, a little over a quarter of the way into circumnavigating the Milky Way counter-clockwise. Point being, I’m too far to try out the new engineering since 3.0 dropped. I apologize if another forum addresses this but I couldn’t find anything...
  15. Yamiks

    [video] BEYOND Chapter one RECAP in 5 minutes
  16. T

    Xbox one x upgrade

    Probably a stupid question but recently upgraded my old Xbox one to the Xbox one x. Once I've copied my game files is there anything I need to do with regards to transferring my save file? Or do I just log in and carry off from where I was on my last console. Thanks
  17. B

    CQC Cqc Xbox one

    Does anyone play, or is matchmaking that messed up? I have spent hours and only been able to play a portion of one round of tdm.
  18. M

    Long Range Passenger Missions Question

    Which ship do you use for the 3,000+ trips. I have a Beluga which I use for passenger bubble travel and has about 31ly range but a don't fancy that for long range😃. Was thinking the Orca, anyone got a decent orca build with a good jump range. Thank for reading Commander's.
  19. Alexander R

    Other crowd funded titles worthy of attention

    With the success of the Elite Dangerous kickstarter, the results we can get from crowd funding the development of the kinds of games today's publishers are just not up to making are becoming starkly obvious. I am not sure about the good folks in here but I had largely written off substantial...
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