T-Flight Hotas & rudders not fully working

I decided to step up my game and picked up the Xbox one hotas and pedals which finally arrived yesterday. There are a few things that I can't get to work correctly though. The rudder seems permanently linked to the stick twist and and toe brakes are simply ignored in the ED bindings. This definitely isn't a hardware issue as every button and axis reports correctly and independent in the config software on PC. Is there a way to unlink the rudders from stick twist and get the toe brakes to work or are we simply limited to only 5-axis of input on the Xbox? On an unrelated note, why doesn't the hotas show up in the Xbox controller settings?
Might be something you have already tried if so ignore me, but

have you tried to custom set up your inputs in the custom menu. Scroll down to the yaw input click it with the trigger then use the toe rudders to set the new input. Don't forget to save the settings

hope this helps you mate
I certainly have tried setting up the toe brakes in the custom menu. Even tried resetting bindings and they still don't show up. I'm thinking this might be a result of M$ limiting potential "unfair advantage" by locking the maximum number of axis.
Have the XBOX ONE X with HOTAS/Pedals. I locked the twist on the HOTAS by tightening the set screw so it cannot be moved. Had some issues with pedals not being recognized, submitted a ticket via email to Thrustmaster. They showed me how to reset the USBs on XBOX, which I've had to do multiple times. I also had to use the usb on the front of the Xbox; could not use a usb hub or an usb extension. Once I got things working I was able to add a usb extension, but could not get a powered hub to handle the additional power demand the pedals require. Initially the HOTAS showed up in devices, but after one of the updates it disappeared from the xbox menu. The HOTAS does show up in the ED options menu and when I start my Xbox with my Elite controller, and start ED, it signs me yet again and I have select my sign in again, think it's seeing the HOTAS and the xbox controller so I have to tell it which controller I'm really going to use. Also in the control options there is the option to select HOTAS or Xbox controller, which sounds like you've done or you would not be able to control anything (throttle/joystick). Good luck, cannot imagine not having pedals--they simplify things and really take the pressure of the wrist. o7 Cmdr.

Found the email from Thrustmaster detailing how to reset the USBs:

We thank you for your choice of Thrustmaster products and for reaching us regarding your issue.

Tobegin with we recommend you to reset the USB port from the computer, as
indicated here: http://ts.thrustmaster.com/faqs/eng/thr_eng_00148.pdf

Then connect the joystick unit straight into an USB port from the console, without the use of any USB hubs / extenders and after the OS of the console is up and running.
Then check and see if the detection issue persists or not.
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Tried Thrustamster's method and for some reason when the hotas is connected at boot, none of the axis work although all buttons do. With or without pedals attached, all usb ports, etc - spent an hour trying all combinations. If I unplug and plug hotas back in or wait until after boot is complete before plugging in hotas it works fine.

I haven't had a problem with the yaw on the pedals, but the toe brakes are still a no go. I did have to flip the pins on the pedal yaw axis as it was initially mirrored to the stick twist and that absolutely drove me nuts. Maybe with the upcoming keyboard support announced today, we'll eventually get independent input of the 3 pedal axis.

As it stands there is a few other nit-picks I have with the hotas, mostly with the throttle axis. The detent is pretty crappy and it's difficult to make fine throttle adjustments thanks to its high static friction and low dynamic friction. Not to mention B3 and B4 are very difficult to press at full throttle. Already have parts on order to convert the throttle to a slide throttle with 200mm of travel. Also debating on adding 2 arduinos or cheap PLCs for all the dedicated buttons I could ever want. Not very often I know that I need to mod something within minutes of opening the box.
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