1. G

    use of dss during supercrise assistance orbiting

    i notice that on some planet the speed to fire the probe for details surface scan is a bit more over the limit during the supercruise-assistance orbital. can we have the option to fire the probe when on sa orbital? i will be very usefull
  2. J

    Always going to orbital stockade

    Hi, If I accidentally hit a police ship, I get the 200CR fine, but after paying it I also always get sent to an orbital stockade. This is a real pain in the ar$e. I thought that only happened for repeat or constant offenders, not for the occasional accidental shooting?
  3. R

    Hutton Orbital Sucks

    Thought I'd travel to Hutton Orbital in the Alpha Centari System, said something about free Anaconda. Man was that a mistake never going again, in the time it took me to get there from entering system I had gone over the shop, made dinner, eaten dinner, drank a cuppa tea and still not there yet...
  4. Nat

    SRV in orbit! 700km up above planet surface (Mitterand Hollow)

    Hiya folks, earlier today I managed to get an SRV into orbit above Mitterand Hollow. It seems the Gnosis has caused a gravity anomaly! This is the moment of takeof https://clips.twitch.tv/BoredRenownedJalapenoOSkomodo and this highlight is a 10 minute clip later on when the SRV was some 700km...
  5. H

    orbit lines on/off

    Hi! It is possible to turn off orbital lines. I do not need them, but th problem is, if I turn them off I can not see the two orbital line around planets I can land (blue and yellow), and the one around the star. Well, those three types are very important for me. It would be great to have two...
  6. Kicks

    Give Orbital Lines 3 Toggles

    On Off Current Station/Body Only I find Orbital Lines very useful when heading to a station, but I also love the beauty of the galaxy - and that can get cluttered in busy systems. I think I mention this about twice a year, and shall continue to do so! o7 :) EDIT: As pointed out below, a...
  7. oz.grant

    Mission Abandoned

    Had to abandon Hutton Orbital Boom Data Delivery, really did not have 45 mins to sit in front of the screen, and watch the seconds slowly tic away. This has to be broken. I can travel Ly in seconds and Ls in hours, bit boring. I don't think missions like this will keep players engaged. Spent...
  8. SAI Warrior

    Unlockable Dashboard Livery Items

    Can we have 'special' in game unlockable dashboard items such as a Hutton Orbital mug you can place on your dashboard as a souvenir for going all the way to Hutton Orbital? Dashboard items don't always have to be bobbleheads. Other items could be added later. I'm sure there'll be plenty of...
  9. M. Volgrand

    Todo parecía pacífico...

    Hudson Observatory estaba tranquilo aquel día. Muchos comandantes reparando sus naves y dando los últimos ajustes antes de partir a investigar los Targoides, rescatar cápsulas de escape.... o lo que sea que hicieran. Hudson era un pequeño remanso de paz en la gran zona de batalla que era HIP...
  10. F

    LostWinds How do I beat the final Boss?

    I am in the palace just now and have followed the spirit past the giant head into the (what looks like a court of statues). The only way I managed to get rid of him the first time was to make the giant head sing but now I am stuck.
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