1. J

    Cannons and lasers and beams oh my!

    So when I get back to the bubble I want to make a bounty hunting ship. That said I want to make it interesting in that I want to give the weapons fun special effects ie things like force shell for the cannon(s). My questions are, do cannons have to be real big for the push effect and what...
  2. Factabulous

    Week 23: Thargoids attacking HIP 30045 and Magec

    Targets confirmed as Magec (scouts) and HIP 30045 (interceptors & scouts). No wrecked Megaships in either, so probably as well Ed & Will are not looking for Interceptors to kill this week* ;) We saved both systems this week - first time in 3.1. HIP 30045 is most likely to fall as it has low...
  3. Factabulous

    Week 22: Thargoids attacking CW Ursae Majoris and Kamadhenu

    Dhanhopi was attacked this week, Bok was saved. New Targets confirmed as CW Ursae Majoris (nice and close to Sol) and Kamadhenu, both have NHSS and wrecked Megaships (useful for interceptors). There are interceptor-grade NHSS in CW Ursae Majoris, only scouts in Kamadhenu. Aegis ships are in...
  4. J

    Ultimate mining ship

    So I want to make imo the penultimate mining rig. I was fooling around on Coriolis and I think I have come up with what I think would be pretty good for open mining ( anecdotally open has better yields) What do you people think of this build?
  5. Factabulous

    Thargoid Attacks: Where, When and What you can do about it

    (image via Reddit) Thargoids are all on holiday. They still hang out in Non Human Signal Sources in the Pleiades - closer to Merope you get more. They are also in the Witch Head Nebula - centred around Witch Head Sector IR-W C1-8, but most inhabited systems will have them. You can also get...
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