1. L

    Coaster builder smoothing keybinds

    It would be really cool with optional keybinds for smoothing rollercoasters, and track rides. Like moving the selection of track pieces and smoothing them.
  2. S

    Drive Tyres, brakes, Lap events, and Smoothing

    A few of suggestions pertaining to this. A lot of little things that could make coaster building give more freedom and just other polishes to the game: First suggestion is make it so we can choose different particular laps for the brakes and/or drive tyres activate when you select that piece of...
  3. B

    4m smoothing technique

    Hi, I've been using the so called "4m smoothing technique" on my coasters lately and the results are amazing, but I have two questions regarding the technique. I discovered the technique by watching a video posted by Silvarret on youtube. According to his explanation in the video, you have to go...
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