1. Woody2107

    Middle mouse stuck

    I have been getting the weirdest thing happen to me a lot recently. I had it only once in beta now it is every time I play. Now the problem, I do not know exactly how to explain... But when I click middle mouse or L+R mouse to rotate it gets stuck in the rotate view, even when I release it, my...
  2. C

    Guest stuck on path?

    Made an account so I could post this. Since the update my guest are getting stuck on the path. I've tried to re-path my zoo with maximum width but it makes no difference. I am slowly going bankrupt because guest can't donate because they're stuck. Does anyone know what I should do? I haven't...
  3. The Black Pearl

    Long Super Cruise (my) top speed caps 600c?

    Aparantly the max SC speed is 2001c. Without being near stars planets or stations, in a trip to a station 254kls why am I stuck at 600c? No I'm not using SCA... it's a waste of OI space
  4. C

    I'm struck and have absolutely no idea how i got here

    ok so after returning to the game after a year or so i spawn in the station "The Gnosis" in (Prode Dryeia RQ-C D 13-0) and i have no idea how i got in this station because my asp x only has a jump range of 31ly and the nearest stars ar 60ish ly away can i get some help to somehow get back to...
  5. B

    Strange Issue just started - Trouble finding posts similar

    Hey everyone! Love this game (thanks FDev!) and have been having a ton of fun in VR. I got an Oculus Rift with a GTX 1060 6gb, i7, 16g of ram. Everything runs well enough. I'm using a X52 pro HOTAS. Typically I have no issues outside of typical driver issues with nvidia and/or Oculus. The...
  6. Grinnygog

    Newcomer / Intro Getting "stuck" on coriolis pylons

    Is there a key to press, or an option for freeing your ship if it gets stuck on the pylons at the entrance to space stations? A while back I bought my Imperial Clipper, then got stuck in the pylons when entering a Coriolis station, only to get shot at and blown up as I struggled to free myself...
  7. C

    Newcomer / Intro Stuck in LTT 420. Cannot make jump to any nearby system.

    Hi there, I am trying to jump out of LTT 420 to Avalon but my jump is too long for the amount of fuel I can burn. I don't understand yet what I did wrong. I did purchase new fsd and other stuff. Then I realized my problem. I've reduce ship's mass as much as I can and the fsds available none help...
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