1. E

    Variable Tree Density

    Hello! Just a thought. Would it be possible to add a varied scale to all trees in PZ? Referring to leaf density from bare to full. I have several enclosure ideas that would greatly be helped by being able to lessen the leaf density. Thank you for the consideration and thoughts!
  2. D

    Delgus' Arecaceae Tree Pack

    Hello, I've just gotten back on track to create some more trees for PlanCo! So far I've upgraded all previous items on the workshop, bypassing the annoying height-restriction and fixing some lighting issues. So far I've published 15 objects, which is only the beginning: Chinese Windmill Palm...
  3. K

    Thank You for the Saplings!

    Adding sapling trees to the game was a brilliant idea! They are such a game changer!
  4. Pixelated Sparkster

    General Gameplay Could we have 2 new tree brushes that divides the palm trees from the broadleaf trees?

    The current tree brush we have in the game uses the combined palm trees and broadleaf trees. If we were to tap it, we could get a few small trees that could be either one, but won't make a dense forest. To expand our options more, could we have 2 new brushes that will generate palms exclusively...
  5. Pixelated Sparkster

    Buildings & Attractions Incubation laboratories could be more interesting if we hear subtle dinosaur sounds and see the trees shake.

    This request is mostly aesthetics. When an incubation process is happening, the lab states that a dinosaur is being incubated around the first 50% of the process, and then states it is being raised as a juvenile in the later 50%. Wouldn't it be cool if the lab could have subtle dinosaur noises...
  6. G

    General Gameplay Scenery/Brush Trees from the Lost World movie.

    There aren't just redwoods from The Lost World: Jurassic Park, there were deciduous and other conifer tress in the movie as well. The redwoods were added to the game through Update 1.12, and those were scenery trees. The filming location, Patrick's Point State Park, is home to many other tree...
  7. T

    More Different Types of Trees

    Would enjoy seeing more trees such as Fig trees and different species of Eucalyptus trees.
  8. V

    Let the tree shadows lower the temperature

    Guests are hot, so if we put some trees that make shadow, the shadowed area should feel a bit cooler, right? I think it'd be pretty cool.
  9. G

    Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Interacting with Scenery trees and rocks

    The general idea is to have some dinosaurs interact with the current natural scenery objects. Different types of dinosaurs would interact differently to certain scenery objects. Medium herbivores would browse from the large tree, Tree 1. Sauropods would browse from all trees except Tree 1. (I...
  10. RadicalEdward2

    Dinosaurs General Gameplay Foliage to Match Paleoecology (w/ new Scenery suggestions)

    I know posts have probably been made about this in the past about how the engine limitations make it difficult for them to add new trees or how its impossible to have this Sorna... replace this Sorna... ...but there are some ways that they could implement new tree types without...
  11. Paleoguy

    Cycads, Ferns, and Pines

    A suggestion would be to add cycads, tree ferns, and pines in a future dlc, or in an update. My family being from Costa Rica, I know of the different environments one would see there. Up in the mountains, in the cold moist areas, ferns and pines are all around. The same could be said for the...
  12. T

    General Gameplay Slight Weather Revamp

    Wind could cause trees to rustle and cause waves in the water. Right now all we can create it stagnant ponds. Different levels of winds, like a light breeze or a strong wind, could cause light ripples or strong waves in our ponds and lakes. They would have similar effects on the trees. They...
  13. Yamiks

    [Video] 3 ALIEN places to visit in Elite Dangerous (non thargoid or guardian)
  14. DMC831

    Procedural Dialogue Trees

    One major thing that the game has always felt like it was missing was a way to communicate with NPCs. It's an obvious thought that has likely been mentioned many times, but I feel it's an important one to bring life and variety and more immersion to the game. I love Elite: Dangerous, which has...
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