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Dear Atlantic City Historical Foundation,
It has come to me that there is no information about a old amusement park pier on the boardwalk. I understand, it used to exist but now sits empty and I have heard stories from my parents and other folks about the rides that graced the pier. Such as the Meteor roller coaster, or the Mine Ride, or something about a water ride. I am doing a report for a website about the history, I have asked many other organizations and you are probably the last hope. I would like to know anything about the beginnings, rides, pictures, reports and events associated with the pier. Thanks in advance!

Reply: Hello Kyle,
Thanks for the questions! And I must say you are lucky, just recently a local resident who has documented the pier, has a gold mine of information and pictures from the start and finish. He decided to give us copies of pictures and footage. Please click on the attachment below. Hope you enjoy, and good luck with the project!

Sarah Goldsmith
ACHF Supervisor

'What's this?'

December 2nd 1962, boardwalk.

I've been a bit busy the past month and a half. My new job as a inspector has been chaotic but awarding. Since Atlantic City isn't too far, I had to stop by and see what all the ruckus was about. After all, I am curious! Could be nothing, could be something.

^ What's this? These secret contractors have been busy alright. Many pilings were poured apparently, to hold something quite sturdy. A boring fishing pier would probably be made out of log poles, or maybe a pier of entertainment?

^ A lot of progress indeed, they already started putting the decks in. I am really excited now, but we have to wait for more. However I did find a ripped letter up.

Plan Revision #2:
20 x 60 ft❤
Oak Lumber Depot
Order request for❤︎24 types of paint.
Scaffolding needed soon.
Building type: Custom, to be made in house.
Ride name: P.. (ripped off)
Not much I can tell, I wonder what it is. What could possibly use that much paint?

Whoever can guess what type of❤︎attraction / building❤︎it is, gets a sneak peak picture message!
This is so cool! Your pics look like real photos, the scenery is so good. Great architecture, and I like the construction equipment shown at work :)
Bullethead: Thanks! Glad you like it!

PO!SON: Thank you!

'The Fence' December 20th 1962

Its been a few weeks since I stopped by, so why not stop on by again? Traffic was getting a bit hectic getting there due to the last❤︎Christmas Shopping. Going down the boardwalk, it was a ghost town. As it should be, I did notice the pier was completed in record time. But something new that I spotted!

^ Getting closer, you can see large columns of wood. Looks to be pretty tall.

^ Disappointingly a fence stands in❤︎the way, apparently some trespassers were becoming a nuisance. But a tease on the sign, that leaves me wondering: Just tell us what it is already!

^ I'm getting to old to climb fences, but the adrenaline! Nothing much to spot, some storage trailers, and a foundation for a building. Maybe a restaurant? Fishing Shop? I have no idea.

More as it comes!
looks like a movie [up]
^ Thanks!

'Studs Up' December 22nd 1962

Finally, some more progress on whatever this building is. I am thinking it is a restaurant of some sorts, but there seems to be much more to build. Strangely enough they seem to just be focusing on this particular part of the pier, I would imagine there is a lot more that they plan on building! The excitement is gradually❤︎building....

^ More studs going up.

^ Scaffolding was recently put up. (What the heck is in those crates?)

I have a feeling there is going to be more exciting progress to be seen! Just a hunch.
'Tilted and Edgy' December 24th 1962

I figured I would head on down and snap a quick update before Christmas Eve festivities! I know, don't I have more important things to be doing right now? Well luckily I am no procrastinator! Traffic is not to good at the moment, but❤︎I don't mind that at all! With the curiosities in my head wondering what new additions have happened, I am still surprised that❤︎they haven't built anything else yet. With such a big space, there must❤︎be more that we haven't seen yet, or will see!

^ Despite how sunny this picture looks, it is cold and windy. Sand is damp from a rainstorm. Some new outside additions were built onto this structure.

^ And so what ...❤︎I trespassed! But here is our reward, but what reward is this? The studs are slanted and zig zigged, rather odd.

^ Other side is as well.

^ Our money shot! We have finally figured out what type of pier this will be! Amusement pier! This I believe is a tilt a whirl.

^ A shot of both together!

So some more clues, and a few new answers and a few new questions...
'Rush Delivery' January 1st 1963

Happy new year to all! A year full of wonderful opportunities, and of course a new amusement pier opening in Atlantic City Boardwalk. I am for one excited, and also can say I have been receiving pictures from a worker on site! I gave him my address, and he sends what he can. Not too sure when they were taken, but what matters is up close goodies! I did ask about the pier and what it would be called, but as always he was hush. They all signed an agreement not to discuss names, and plans. He is doing us a favor by even sneaking photographs! His name is John by the way, and he is a recruited park carpenter.

^ Wow, a lot of new progress, on what looks to be some type of funhouse? A lot of small corridors, and such.

^ And what's this? Looks like shipments of wood have come in!

^ What could this be? What is this company, I might have to ask around and see what this company makes.

More as it comes!
^ Thank you mejkubox! Appreciate the comment!

'Screaming!' January 8th 1963

More photographs arrived! A lot more to see actually! Looking like some sort of haunted cave? Some kind of spooky funhouse attraction! Can't wait to see the final product.

^ Very menacing looking!

^ Looks like another floor beginning?

^ The stairs agree, another story for sure!

John told me to expect a lot of new progress on other rides soon! He expects quite a few rides, and one that surely change the skyline of the boardwalk, what ever that may mean? Be sure to tune in for more daily updates!
You do the "under construction" stuff so well, it's a shame you'll have to tear it all out when you actually build the rides :)

And we have another nifty use for the icing: skeleton fingers! Brilliant!
I believe he is building a version of the long gone Pirate Ship Skua walk through that used to be on the former Hunt's Pier in Wildwood, NJ from 1962-1988. I'm actually going to build Hunt's Pier in PC. Some guy is making recreations of Hunt's Pier rides and buildings in PC and posted them on the workshop. I am going to use them in my park. I will also have Morey's Pier and Sportland Pier as well the way they looked in 1982-1983. Another map will have the rest of the Wildwood piers to the south like Mariner's Landing, Nickels Midway Pier (with Castle Dracula and Dungeon Boat Ride), Casino Arcade pier, and Fun Pier with Lost World, Crazy House, Jungleland, and Castle Frankenstein. None of those attractions exist anymore. I just realized that we are sorely missing many coaster types in PC that were in RCT3, where is the spiral lift coaster like Jumbo Jet? I need that for my Morey's Pier circa 1982-1983. No Gravitron and Rotor really blows, too. Morey's got a Gravitron in 1983 and Sportland had a themed rotor called Hell Hole, that closed after 1983 and sat abandoned with the rest of the rides for several years after the pier was sold at a sheriff's sale and the new owner had no interest in running the rides and the pier quickly turned into a dilapidated mess. Go-karts were built on the pier around 1992, and the old Dr. Blood's dark ride came down in 2007. There was a walk-through haunted house in a building on the pier several years ago, but it closed after two seasons. it was run by a haunt prop builder, and former worker at Brigantine Castle and Castle Dracula, Eric Princz. He rescued many props and stuff from the ruins of Castle Dracula after the fire in Jan 2002 set accidentally by two young males who broke in. They ran out and were arrested soon after. A bunch of stuff was just sold to various collectors by Eric on the Castle Dracula facebook page run by a former worker of the castle. Like torch sconces, flags, tapestries, and a bunch of other stuff. I also have an RCT3 version of the Wildwood piers with all piers on one map. No Musik Express and Himalaya in PC sucks as well. RCT3 has a nice user made Musik Express and a built in Thunder Bobs which is similar to a Himalaya.
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Helena: Thank you so much! Glad your enjoying my work!

Bullethead: Its not actually that bad actually, I don't mind doing that! Its all part of the process! Thanks, the icing finally came in handy, I remember seeing it was like: Aha! I know what that will be!
Going Up! January 22nd 1963

Its been quite awhile since I went down the shore to check progress, work has been busy for me! And its also been awhile since John sent me some photographs, but look at what showed up today! Its not many pictures, but hell I'll just take one picture! Not sure when he took these, but progress is surely picking up some speed from what I see.

^ More of this funhouse is going up!

^ Holy smokes! A roller coaster is being built on the pier! How exciting! Looks to be wooden, and a pretty decent size, looks like its on the south side of the pier. Side note: Apparenty John is taking these pictures after everyone leaves, that way he doesn't get in trouble. But, hell anyone can see what this is from afar! This attraction should be a major draw on the boardwalk, and a big money maker! What do you guys think? What could this be named?

Creator's Note: Man I wish there was an abilty to color wooden supports to other colors instead of default brown. Re supporting the coaster takes a while!
Climbing! February❤︎2nd 1963

Finally it is time to head down and check out the updates for myself. I know much has happened, but after a busy month I will be able to see these additions in person! Hopefully you guys enjoy!

^ The funhouse is taking in an interesting shape on the upper levels, I am intrigued.

^ Still not a clue, what it is!

^ What a site to behold!

^ One more shot before it gets dark! This will become the main attraction on the pier, and I certainly cannot wait to ride it!

More soon!
'Insert construction comment here' February 10th 1963

Well today I got my usual fix, a trio of pictures of more progress!

^ A shot of construction and the chaotic mess of things laying around.

^ Fun house is coming along, more angled walls being put into place.

^ Looks like a possible ship? Intriguing!

More as I get them!
Very creative! I really like the time you took to make the construction look so realistic, very cool idea and design so far! Reminds me of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ^_^
Very creative! I really like the time you took to make the construction look so realistic, very cool idea and design so far! Reminds me of Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk ^_^
^ Thank you! I appreciate it Disneyaniac! Yeah, you could say many boardwalks have been an inspiration, such as that one!

'Up Above!' February 22nd❤︎1963

Well more pictures, and I really mean new pictures! Photos with more progress going on, and some sneak peak of rides that❤︎have been added!

^ Looks like a station building for a rail road? Looks like its called Silver Bullet! It looks neat, and looks like it goes under the new coaster.

^ Hey look, our friend was able to give us some rare vantage points from the top of the unnamed wooden rollercoaster! I can see various different tracks! One looks like vintage cars?

^ A new ride has arrived, The whip as they call it.

^ Not sure where these shots were taken, perhaps the fun house? Some barrels.

^ Yeah, the fun house seems to be the likely spot. Some dark hallways, as the upper levels are being built.

More later!
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