Parks 1962: "Something is going on!"

^ Thanks Bullet head!

'Ships Ahoy!' March 1st 1963

Some more pictures came in! And we may now finally figure out what this fun house actually is! Their treasure, eerrr I mean secret can't be hidden any longer!

^ But first, the boring stuff. Well maybe its not boring, by trains for these tracked rides started to arrive. New and sparkly finely polished. This looks like a miniature train ride, named Silver Bullet. It looks like it goes underneath the wooden rollercoaster! And next door, some vintage cars.

^ New pieces of wood are being cut to correct size. Each piece needs to be the right length for this strange fun house exterior.

^ A rare shot of the upper roof level, looks like there is a brief escape outside, and a chain and anchor?

^ The fun house is a giant pirate ship! A name was written on this photograph from my friend Mr. Smith, called K.E.N. Must be the name of the ship? What a cool looking attraction! Should be a huge landmark from the boardwalk!

What do you guys think? Would you walk through it?
'Whip it!' March 8th 1963❤

Time for a personal tour! Somehow, they allowed me to actually take a walk around and take only a few pictures. They weren't answering my questions, that's for sure. I asked, what the heck is this pier called. They weren't allowed to say. They won't budge, but why? I'm a good source of free advertising in exchange for a free look in. But I will have to wait just like the other people who will fill up these boards in a few months...

I did learn a few pieces of information. The park is owned by a man named Will Wright, and the head of construction and management is Robert Plant. I saw a glimpse of Robert, but he looked serious, and concerned about progress. I heard him ask about why the interior of the Silver Bullet train ride wasn't even finished yet.

^ With signage going up, the roller coaster has a new name! The Meteor! The station is cleverly faced towards the boardwalk for patrons to see the large signage.

^ The vintage car ride, unnamed so far, is adjoined to the Silver Bullet Station. A unique solution for tight space. Roof doesn't seem to be done yet.

^ They also seemed to be testing lights today, the whip was retrofitted with a roof and fancy bright lights, again facing only the boardwalk, for good advertising it seems.

^ The Pirate Ship, which I will call it, has more progress, painted also. Some more detail added, yet that back building has yet to be finished with any siding yet. I wonder why? And I must say this fun house is massive, multi story!

^ John Smith told me this is the park's proudest attraction, Bill Tracy a amusement❤︎park display artist helped design the interior and parts of the exterior.

Creator's Note: Thank you everyone as always! These rides are taking a long time to do, but I am excited! I am glad to finally be able to show you the rides as they are finally being finished, instead of just studs and duds. As❤︎I said the Pirate Ship was a pain in my rear, it took 3 different approaches to figure out which one would look right and fit right. Everything was sort of layed out on a grid using beams, and I figured out how much space I had to get the angles right with the windows, which work great for the boats outside! I did do these off the map, and then saved them as blue prints and placed it carefully. Then I used a queue path and figured out how I could move around inside the ship to work with a layout. I am proud of it so far, and its going to be fun working on those other rides .
'Sailing through!' March 12th 1963

A lot of progress is escalating! That deadline for summer is approaching sooner then they thought apparently. But today I got a few goodies to show off!

^ Sails are going up! And that outside building is finally closed in...

^ A lot of intricant work going on in this ship, that's for shore. (I got catchy jokes too Panda!)

^ A photo from my friend! In black in white, really looks like a post card picture!

^ I really wonder what's inside that outer building, any guesses?

^ I guess this is where the fun house ends.

More later! Its getting exciting! Will we ever find out the name of this park?
'Phantom Square' March 18th 1963

John of course as always sent some new goodies, and some secret information as well, as the June 1st opening day is approaching!

^ Loop O Plane is one of the newest thrill rides bought for the opening season. John says it cost about 5,000.00$ and is expected to be a big hit, along side with Meteor the other only thrill ride.

^ A shot from a scene where Silver Bullet passes by, and what cliché for a train to stop into what else? A old western ghost town, called Phantom Square. A small town tucked underneath Meteor somehow! Apparently there are little themed towns along the train, and a planned indoor section!

^ John took this on the lift hill of Meteor. You can get a good picture of how the rides intertwine. The tracked vintage car ride is apparently called, Turnpike! Its a shorter ride, but has a lot of themed areas as well.

^ A front shot, showing newly added advertising which is going to be important if this new pier is going to prosper!

^ I'll end with this. The joint station for Silver Bullet and Turnpike looks like its finally finished.

More updates to come, keep tuned! What are you most excited for?
'Deadlines'❤︎ April 5th 1963

Man its been quite some time since we had a update! Good thing my great friend John Smith has some pictures. He says he has been busy running around. The park has been stocking up and making final adjustments and finishes around the pier. The owner Will Wright is always right, or I mean he can't wait for the city and area to finally experience this park of his! The name is STILL not known, and I wonder why? But lets check in on the busy ant like activities shall we?

^ Apparently fences are important, I mean I wonder why?

^ Some supplies are arriving. I don't remember there being a brewery being built around here? And a worker on the roof, probably finishing roof work.

^ I find this photograph fascinating... John told me this fountain was as expensive as the Pirate Ship! Some plants have also arrived, to give the park a tropical feel in such a state as New Jersey Shore.

^ The entrance! Didn't know if there was going to be one, but there is! And this worker seems like he wants to photobomb these pictures, wait what does photo bombing mean? Maybe I'll find that out it 40 years...

^ And to finish off the update, the grand entrance, or ticket booths! What a sight to see! Only a matter of time now folks....

Question of the day:

What rides do you think will do well?
1963 Opening Day:

Hmm. Wondering why there hasn't been any updates? Must be something huugge! (Well a week❤︎Florida trip, took up a lot of time.)❤❤︎Yes, it is correct! We have finally made it to the grand opening of _____ Pier! And boy are we excited! Rides have been testing, final preparations, and other important endeavors. Memorial weekend has arrived, and that means I am heading down to the beach, and enjoy the good ol' sunshine, sights and sounds of the newly Atlantic City Boardwalk.

^ Morning has been kind to us so far, weather is cloudy with sun. Excited crowds fill the boards. Sounds can be heard in the distance...

^ But first a quick beach picture! I do know how to dress for the fine lady.

^ Many bystanders were intrigued by the Pirate Ship, some murmurs about that.

^ The Scull almost seems shocked looking as it swallows new victims... I love this this attraction!

^ Lines were sure long, its going to be a big hit!

^ So much to explore, so little time!

^ The Captain pleas a warning about Scull Cave, and to forget about any treasures on the ship's main deck! Do we listen?

^ But first before we venture off this ship, we have to get some energy and eat some grub. Any takers?

^ And if your like me who hated sea weed surprise, best be drinking some good old rum in the bar❤︎to wash it down!

^ Being immersed in this ship's atmosphere we get a brief break❤︎into reality as we look at the rest of the busy landscape.

^ Being the brave visitors we are sneaking through the Captain's quarters! We may have to walk the plank if he finds out!

^ And the cliff hanger, more parts to come soon!

Appreciate all the wonderful support and patience! Some wonderful cool surprises in store! ;)
Fantabulous! And it makes me feel old. This park is opening the same year I was born.
^ Thanks!

Woohoo that is a cool ship.
^ Thanks James, took a long long time but I'm proud! Glad you like it!


And onwards we go! More to see, and more to experience!

^ The amusement pier also features its own kiddie area for children! The whip, for a fun quick spin. The Small Ferris Wheel offers some views, for those afraid of heights. And of course the Carousel, a classic!

^ I still enjoy looking at this structure!
The lifeguard museum was mobbed with people.

^ Of course we will check out the main attraction soon!

^ The SECRET is out! We finally know the name of this joint! Pirate Reef Pier!

Creator's Note: I know some of you guys knew!❤︎For those who don't know, Pirate Reef was a project of mine I started back in 2007 in RCT3, it was my longest and probably most known projects. I never got bored of it, and it was always challenging. A fun fact: I originally didn't want it to look like a boardwalk, making it on a tiny island. And then eventually I gave in, and slowly (Some how, unrealistically) A beach popped up eventually, and it looked like a pier. And also more piers eventually showed up, different competing parks, which was entertaining! Pirate Reef was a project that had many Custom rides, most are inspired by other rides if you research a bit, you will know what they are, and some of my own ideas as always. NOW, I had to bring Pirate reef into the next generation of gaming, like how Shyguy did with Wonder World, or other parks around here this won't be a carbon copy! (Some ideas just aren't practical, and some are now possibly!) I do hope you enjoy the ride!

And here is the old thread with no pictures.

Here is an old video of Meteor V1: Quite different!

^ Now time to check out the main wooden coaster, The Meteor! New riders, begin the thrilling ride!

^ Going up! The suspense...

^ The ride never appears high, until your actually at the top!
What comes up must...

^❤︎Come down!

^ Nearly surviving the first hill, we go around the back turn!

^ After a few smaller hills, giving the illusion of falling out of your set, onlookers by the Turnpike, are intrigued!

^ After a few more turns the ride is just about done! You have officially survived Meteor!

Next part coming by weekend! Thanks again everyone!
Part 3!
And back to our scheduled program, as promised! More to see!

^ Silver Bullet Train is tucked to the side of Meteor, and it shares a station building to the kiddie car ride called: Turn Pike! Riders get ready for there tame experience!

^ But First we visit Turn Pike, where this kiddie highway goes through many themes of land though out the short journey. First through a castle and then to a nearby village, where a choir can be heard.

^ Silver Bullet meanwhile, has a small hill! (The old silverbullet was just a train ride with none.) Many kids are surprised when they see this hill! Its almost like the preschool to the big kid Meteor. Also noteworthy is the track goes over the beach, giving the feeling you may tip over!

^ After Silver Bullet goes in the darkride section of the ride (Well see this another time!), it comes out bringing us to the past in Phantom Square a western ghost town, best not to stick around here!

^ On to the more ordinary rides, such as tilt a whirl! Very popular today! I love the ride!

^ This picture turned out strange, but it will do. Roll O Plane, is probably one of the more intense rides on the pier! I haven't gone on it yet!

^ Well end this part with a shot of the front of Pirate Reef Pier, looking at the action in place!

Next part next week! (Yes there is a cool surprise coming...)
^ Thanks Bullethead! Appreciate the support as always!

PART 5: Lights go on!

What fun would it be at night? Well luckily I have some photos to show you just that, the newly added night life to the boardwalk!

^ The signs really draw your attention, almost like a casino!

^ The entrance in its own charm!

^ I must add I'm surprised the management didn't add more lighting around here, some dark areas. Maybe they will add some as the summer happens.

^ What was a kiddie fun pirate ship becomes a ghost ship at night!

^ Luckily they allowed my to take a few pictures inside! A much darker experience. I've talked the worker here, and he told me that in the daytime it is toned down and at night they turn the lights down on purpose! This corridor begins the journey...

^ A crooked chamber, I love these illusions!

^ It looks like a lazy pirate, waiting for something.. but what?

^ A pretty impressive scene, cool water effects. A few pirates are keeping away from the rough stormy waters.

(To be Covfefed! )
PART 6: Finale of Pirate Ship!

How nice of me to leave you guys hanging with the Pirate Ship walkthrough, oh well...
But we continue on our journey!

^ A shark gets a meal, we better not stick around to become dessert!

^ This room is rather large, its strange and psychedelic! Not too sure what is going on in here! Maybe a mad scientist?

^ The infamous tilted room in the ship, love this scene! A drunk Pirate looks confused as the ship hits furious tides.

^ Going downstairs into Scull cave...

^ The swamps before Scull cave, some treasure nearby! Better leave before other strangers appear!



James B. says: "This is a neat ride, very long. Not too scary, working props! My favorite ride!
Kyle T. says: "Felt like I was in an actual ship at times! Will visit again!
Richard says: "I finally got to live my fantasy of being a pirate!"
Jones Q. says: "Not a fan of a stupid fun house."
John G. says: "Well my kids like it, so..."
Some facts I dug up about the walkthrough!

-Was designed by Bill Tracy Amusement park displays CO. and Pirate Reef Park Staff
-Took 4 months to build.
-Takes 18 minutes to walkthrough.
-Has a staff of 4 operators in the ride.
-Owner based it❤︎off of Disney themed❤︎attractions, with its own twist.


I went through the Pirate Ship on Hunt's Pier in Wildwood, NJ in 1982-1983. It was gone by 1989. I loved that pier. Now it's just some dumb storage sheds, with a mirror maze on the front. In the Hunt's Pier version I believe the slanted room was in the house in the back. Are you ever going to offer this park for download? I like beach boardwalk parks. What path did you use for the pirate ship? You can't use queue path unless you connect it to a ride at the end. But regular path you can't make as narrow as queue path.
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Yay! Someone used my mini Ferris wheel! I've never seen any of my work being used! Very cool! Love the park too. I love the story line aspect! Looking forward to more!
Thank you everyone!


After every season the management puts out some information, that they will look to see how the park is doing, in terms of reliability, popularity, problems, and other information. Well today, I got my hands on the first year's report!

Some interesting facts in there!

But as a general survey for those who have visited but didn't fill out a survey:

What was your favorite ride and why?

What ride could be improved?

What would you like Pirate Reef Pier to add in the future in 1964?
1963 Fall Construction Update:

Well the first season is in the books, and now its sad as everyone leaves to go back to school, work, and stay inside as it gets chillier and darker earlier. But for me, this is exciting as I know Pirate Reef Pier is going to be working on adding some new rides, or updates! But first, a surprise as I read the newspaper today...

^ Hell? They are starting on a new ride already? But what could it be? I am perplexed!

More soon...
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