Patch Notes Update 2.3 Beta 5 Change Log

Good morning Beta Commanders,

We're deploying the 2.3 Beta 5 update to the servers with a host of fixes and changes based on all the reports and feedback we've received.

Stability Fixes

  • Fixed crash when loading a ship with an engineered surface scanner
  • Fix crash when trying to load refineries with empty bins
  • Fixed crash when selecting a new preset while the editor is changing avatar gender
  • Fixed crash entering a fighter as crew.
  • Fixed a crash if the helm was targeting an unexplored system you were not currently in
  • Protect against crash when docking
  • Fixed crash when launching a fighter and them immediately disconnecting before the fighter is constructed
  • Fixed crashes that could occur for a player when helm disbands a multicrew
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when being interdicted during a multicrew session
  • Fixed crash that occurred if the player's ship was destroyed while they were in the Holo-Me interface
  • Fixed a server disconnect that could occur when jettisoning cargo from an SRV underneath a ship
General Fixes/Tweaks

  • Fixed console specific icons in the Comms panel
  • Fixed: Highres Screenshot can cause network disconnection
  • Fixed star texture pop when arriving from hyperspace
  • Pause menu appears faster now
  • Fix destination star's lens flare from separating from it in hyperspace when in large ships
  • Fixed: Combat music will suddenly start playing for a few seconds when entering supercruise from combat with life support disabled/destroyed
  • History tab now shows date in shorter format "Mar 16" so it doesn't truncate commander names so much
  • If you report a player in-game, we'll now fill in their ship name and ship ID for you
  • fixed numerous issues with text truncation in power details screen
  • fixing instances of corrupted text throughout the game
  • Fix the visibility of stalks and jump highlights for systems in the galaxy map
  • Fix text chat not becoming available for players you just unblocked
  • Fix for AI ships in supercruise circling around station
  • Audio: Fixed celestial flybys
  • Fix some missing sounds for goals in CQC
  • NPC pilot suits have colour variants again
  • Fixed issue with Russian text being slightly cut off in various UI panels
  • Fixed issue whereby the labels for livery slots could display in black instead white or grey text
  • Updated the time format used in the comms panel timestamps
  • Fixed issue whereby long ship names were truncated on the ship transfer panel
  • Player Journal now shows faction data for redeemed voucher events
  • NPC portraits will no longer appear in the comms panel chat log
  • Further improvements for IPV4+IPV6 (Dual Stack) connections


  • Added an option to disable the smoothing in headlook, this is useful for some headtracking devices to reduce the latency involved


  • Fixed silent pips in multi crew
  • Audio: Discovery scanner is no longer silent to multicrew members
  • Multicrew info panels should now correctly display red text
  • Can now focus on Back button in multicrew info panels using button input
  • Fix firegroup selection resetting when going in and out of Gunner mode
  • Fixed interdiction GUI on wing info not updating properly in multicrew
  • Added an "invited" state, displayed when a player has been invited to join a multicrew session, rather than showing them as connecting immediately
  • Fix Gunner target lock not being cleared after it has been destroyed
  • Fixed: Social Comms panel will lose focus whenever a friend comes online
  • enabled some changes to the multicrew info screens to turn tabs/text red when a role is unavailable
  • Only cycle through relevant firegroups (when Gunner is present, so you skip (local player) empty groups)
  • Clarified unit type for "Distance Travelled" values in the Settings panel and MultiCrew Session Report
  • Made sure mining chunks content info are displayed in gunner hud
  • Fixed connection error when trying to rejoin a crew after disconnecting
  • Fixed: Player will disconnect from a Multicrew session if they join while the Captain is channeling a Supercruise/Hyperspacejump and then cancels the jump upon the player joining
  • Audio: Fix for appropriate shields offline/online vessel voice lines not playing in multicrew
  • Audio: Silent running voice lines now play for player 2 in multicrew
  • Fixed utilities not working properly in multicrew
  • Disabling multicrew idle members seeing the helm targeting gui to avoid any conflicting behaviour
  • Audio: "Unable to dock, fighter still deployed" voice line now plays for all members of a multicrew session, including the ones deployed in fighters
  • Audio: Correct docking request voice notifications are now sent to the helm and fighter multicrew members when a fighter requests to dock with the mothership
  • Fixed ammunition levels not being replicated correctly between crew members
  • Fix for MultiCrew UI tab selection not being active when docked
  • Fix for station menu not working when not in MultiCrew
  • Fix for: [Multicrew] If a crew member swaps into an NPC-crewed fighter that is recalling, they have no control over it
  • Fix for: Multicrew welcome message panel stays on in gunner role if switch to gunner role whilst panel is open
  • Vessel Voice lines not all triggering in multicrew
  • Fixed multicrew gunners occasionally consuming 2 ammo instead of 1 when firing
  • Vessel voice lines no longer get cut off when transitioning from one ship to another
  • Players no longer receive the 'shield break' audio and VFX feedback when joining a ship with no shield generator
  • Various fixes to prevent the MultiCrew non-helm scanner/schematics from overlapping during transition of hyperspace, supercruise and when in a fighter
  • Fixed issue whereby only the helm would hear the self destruct countdown when in multicrew
  • When in a ship as a crewman you will now see correct timers/intro VFX for hyperspace and supercruise transitions
  • The "Switch To Mothership" option should never appear in the role panel until the player is actually in a fighter
  • Improvements to the cargo scanner when used in MultiCrew in the Gunner role
  • Bounty Vouchers and Combat Bonds are now awarded to MultiCrew members based on their combat rank

Avatars/Commander Creator

  • Categories panel in holo me now correctly displays 'Suit Categories' instead of just 'Suit'
  • Fixed issue with avatars floating in space, when a ship was destroyed
  • Female suffocation sounds now play when running out of oxygen
  • Fixed: Selecting a base preset in Holo-Me will never change the name of the suit despite the suit changing appearance
  • Changed the shoulder decal icons so they render at 1:1 ratio
  • Got rid of bright orange lip icons
  • Fixed inconsistent Cosmetics icons in the Holo-Me interface
  • Commander's Helmet now reacts to jaw width to prevent clipping
  • Fixed issue where some changes to facial features in the commander creator would not save correctly
  • Fixed issue whereby certain previewed features would remain applied to the commander when they changed tabs

Camera Suite

  • Various fixes to camera positions and FOV
  • Audio: Discovery scanner no longer retriggers when jumping between internal and external camera modes
  • Fix for Free camera roll modes acting in the inverse of what they say they do
  • Fixed bug in Cam UI that would still show DOF button even when it was disabled
  • Camera suite should now refer to Ship Controls as SRV Controls while in an SRV


  • Fixes to hangar lighting.
  • Hide powerplay contact at stations that lack the 'powerplay' service
  • Stations that are within a planetary ring are now displayed on the system map
  • Reduced some shimmering on asteroid bases


  • Changed UI text for Chain missions to 'Follow On' missions
  • Fixed an issue with the first inbox of a passenger vip Follow On mission. The correct portrait is now shown
  • Fixed an error where the massacre illegal blops mission was not spawning the correct mission targets
  • Balance pass on passenger mission rewards
  • Fixed issue where you could not focus onto the mission filtering box in the Mission Panel using just button input
  • Fixed issue with some missions not generating after completing a Piracy mission
  • Made certain Follow On missions spawn more reliably
  • Fix to allow missions to progress correctly if the player gets to the target system before the timer for the mission progresses
  • Alternative destinations for Planetary Rescue (plus variants), Federal Navy Salvage and Long Range Smuggling missions are now correctly optional
  • Address an issue whereby players could not open the mission board if they had a large number of pending follow on missions
  • Fixed issue whereby the mission target did not spawn in mission USS during Piracy Deal Assassination follow on mission


  • Audio fix: Megaships having a loud sound and outposts events not loading issues
  • POI loot now remembers which commanders have already claimed them


  • Audio: slight boost to the volume of other shields breaking and reforming.
  • Audio: Fixed issue with plinky-plonky small/medium turreted multicannon
  • Audio: beam laser tweaks. Turned up hardpoints by 3db
  • Fix for gimballed weapons stuck to fixed after switching from a fixed weapon fighter
  • Fix for The Enforcer multicannon sounds skipping when firing


  • A player's ship name will always be visible to other players when scanned
  • Various camera position fixes
  • Fixed various minor graphical issues across multiple ships
  • Fixed: Detailed surface scanner no longer claims to draw power in outfitting inconsistantly
  • Fixed: Detailed surface scanner cannot be turned off
  • Module popup in cockpit systems panel now retrieves the full name of the module rather than the short name
  • Fixed ship kits not rendering in hyperspace
  • Audio: Fixing cockpit reverb size on Beluga liner
  • Fixed certain ships being raised off of the landing pad when logging in while docked
  • Engine deploy for Diamondback and Diamondback XL now have their landing gear audio restored to proper working order
  • Fix for chugging sound that was present in a Beluga when stationary.
  • Fix for missing sounds on diamondback drive anims.
  • Audio: ship ready for boarding line vessel voice line now plays again
  • Audio: Fixed FSD supercharge voice line being triggered multiple times and every 5 minutes
  • Fixing missing distant external ship sounds on empire courier
  • Fixed broken retro drive sound on viper and viper 4
  • Fix for crackling loop on DiamondbackXL
  • Fixed issue whereby stellar audio and ship creaks would continue to play after rebuying your ship if you explode in the cone of a neutron star
  • Vessel voice will no longer spam the low oxygen lines when you jump/enter game with low oxygen
  • Fixed audio issue that occurred when completing the pre-flight checklist
  • Addressed an audio issue with ship engine sounds when deploying/retracting landing gears and cargo scoops at certain speeds


  • Fixed issue with inconsistent audio patterns while using the SRV wave scanner


  • Audio:Fix for cracking on xbox one for both industrial inner dock and station external ambiences
Always nice to have some fixes, but when will we have some answers in this thread on the gunner subject?

--> adding roll to the gunner view

--> getting rid of the awfull autolock "feature" for gunner

--> feedback from devs on their point of view of current gunner implementation and future improvments?

Pretty please???
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Clutter I think.

I think so... It wasn't great.

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Idea was good. It should be tweaked, not removed.
RNG faces + frame text move to right and overall immersion would be better.

I would be more than happy to see an NPC faces when they are communicating to me.
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Its probably a nice visual cue as to if its NPC or real commander without paying too much attention too, I assume real commander portraits still appear?
I don't care of player avatars, they are ugly in most as their owners in RL. I am not seeying them often (fortunately).

I prefer to see NPC avatars because they are communicating to me in most.
Imperial pilots should be different than Federal navy, and of course characteristic pirates, traders, and other, they all should be different but similar at some point by group.
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Frontier, I see you can't view locked cash-shop suits in game anymore, I thought this was a feature - not a bug.. :(

It would be great if you could view all locked cash-shop items in game before buying - instead of relying on website images, the assets are already in the game.
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So... no more options for hairstyles, eyes, beards, mouths, ears, etc...?
Different facial expressions are most likely also out of the question?
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