Patch Notes Update 2.3 Beta 5 Change Log

The thing about res sites is they are meant to be (going on the name) areas where mining can be a little more profitable, but where there is a "bit" more risk compared to a random area done as opposed to pirate farming which is what it is now,

I would suggest combat in these areas would more likely be of the variety of a combat ship acting as a chaperone for a miner, probably lower tier ships not really outfitted for the big game and good areas for the inexperienced player to get some lower risk introduction to combat whilst making some money at the same time - both from the trade dividend and from the odd bounty.. The fact that this may be a little boring for the combat ship if there were no pirates would need to be considered - possibly by adding in a way for them to help miners when the area is safe.

logically however

I just dont see WHY wings of anacondas and FGSs and what not would want to be pirating ships in an ice ring, when they could be pirating much more lucrative trade routes... and as it stands now, what idiot miner would mine in a hax res when they could be in a quiet part of the ring and get 70% as much stuff with 1% of the risk?

So yes, I do not think they should remove the RESs but they should make them fit for their purpose.
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i agree with the idea, but it doesn't mean they would have to remove the res sites ... why remove an option/choice to us , the more there will be options and choice in the game to whatever to do and where ever we wish , the better it is , it makes the game bigger and more interesting , one day we can just go hunt at some res, another day you go do some missions , David talked about fights and bounty hunting into gaz planets in the middle of electric storms , so it will be another cool environment to go fight , or explore

now i think i missed some info , the massacre missions in conflic zones are about to get nerfed ?
The main reason is that they make little to zero sense. What miner in their right mind would actually mine in a haz rez. The whole idea is radiculous. What I am proposing gets rid of the radiculous res sites and gives you the option of using the bounty hunting missions, or go to an anarchy, or of course hunt down the odd wanted ship in systems like we have it.

If you want a revolving door of pirates, go to a combat zone instead and get a revolving door of combat ships, not much difference. I actually hope they change those around as well and make them a bit different.

Or do what Mad Mike says above. Make them fit for purpose as maybe starter areas for bounty hunting.
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pilot Avatar

Dear developers. Please pay Your attention to the avatars of the pilots in the communication panel. They are all the same (head tilted right).This allows you to quickly recognize the source, since small parts of the face are not visible. Please add the ability to change the avatar image (head tilt, and background)
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