News 2.4 The Return: The Type-10 Defender

Bo Marit

Lead Community Manager
Greetings Commanders,

The Thargoid threat is rising. We’re receiving reports of attacks on space stations and devastation across the galaxy. Commanders have been requested to embark on dangerous rescue attempts to shuttle survivors away from the menace.

There’s no doubt that we’ve got a difficult task ahead. But it’s not over yet... With the urgent need for new weaponry apparent, the Alliance Navy has commissioned Lakon Spaceways to overhaul the Type-9, in response to recent events.

The result of this collaboration is the new Type-10 Defender, a military behemoth specifically built for combat and absorbing heavy hits. It’s available now from most Alliance-controlled, high-tech systems.

What are you waiting for, Commander?



I need stats, stat! :) Can't play the game at the moment, would appreciate it if anyone could post the specs!
Hey Bo!

You already introduced the need of special weapons to fight the Thargoids. Why not also limit the job to the new, special T-10 Defender? While all weapons except Ax weapons are useful against Thargoids (but useless against anything else) it will be logical that the T-10 Defender, made for this task, should be the only ship that can fight the Thargoids (and won't be for any use for other businesses of cause).

Greetings, Imo
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