Discussion [3.3 Beta] Collecting Journal Files for Third Party Devs

NB: The Google Drive link changed evening of 2018-10-30, see below for the new one!

The EDCD (Elite Dangerous Community Developers) has during past betas provided a Google Drive for Cmdrs testing to upload beta journal files to in order to aid all the third party developers in ensuring their tools will work with the new version of ED. We're doing this again for the 3.3 beta, read on for how to help.

"What?" - Do You Really Want All My 3.3 Beta Journal Files ?

No! But a few from each Cmdr, after carrying out a variety of normal gaming activities would prove most helpful. Beyond that if you're testing specific changes in the 3.3 beta then those JournalBeta.* files would also be welcome.

If you notice anything different happening that isn't simply a game bug, then journal files related to that might also be useful. If in doubt come ask on the EDCD Discord -> https://discord.gg/0uwCh6R62aQ0eeAX (also see https://edcd.github.io/ for our front page and some of the projects involved).

I'll update this post (and bump the thread) if EDCD folk have any specific requests during the beta.

"Where From?" - How To Find Your JournalBeta.* Files

If you're not yet aware, you can find the journal files at the path "%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous". If you've moved your 'Saved Games' folder elsewhere then obviously look in there, then the path "Frontier Developments\Elite Dangerous" within it.

In the past journal files for betas have followed the naming scheme: JournalBeta.YYMMDDHHMMSS.XX.log . Be sure to upload the JournalBeta.* files, not the Journal.* ones, as the latter will be your live server journals.

"Where To?" - How To Upload

willby, one of the current developers of coriolis.io, has set a Drive up at:


Please first right-click and create a new folder, named the same as your in-game Cmdr name (or other relevant name for getting in touch with you if needs be).

Once that is done upload any relevant JournalBeta.* files to your personal folder
. This will help us if you also open an issue/bug report to do with that beta journal file (rather than us trying to find it among the crowd). Obviously anyone else will be able to download the files, so keep that in mind if you're particularly paranoid, but also remember that this is only for journal files from the beta of 3.3, not live server ones.

If you think you have an interesting JournalBeta.* file and don't want to, or can't, upload to Google Drive, then ask what to do in #general on the EDCD Discord (see above).

Thanks in advance for helping developers get their tools up to speed with 3.3 !
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