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Greetings Commanders,

The deployment of 4.0 for PC Commanders is now complete and available for you.
This release is a courtesy and free upgrade for non-Odyssey owners. They now get to try the 4.0 codebase with a number of perks that contains (see previous FAQs), as well as engage with future content and narrative updates at no additional cost, where this wasn't possible before.

Once again to confirm. These are the options that will be available to you, following the update, via the Elite Dangerous Launcher:

Odyssey Players (players who have purchased Odyssey):

  • Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (3.8)
  • Elite Dangerous (Base Game - pre Horizons)
Horizons Players (players who have not purchased Odyssey):
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons (4.0)
  • Elite Dangerous: Horizons < This is 3.8
  • Elite Dangerous (Base Game - pre Horizons)
(Arena and Combat Training will remain for both).

Previously shared links:

Known Issues:
Whilst a number of these known issues are naturally cause for concern among players at present, the team are viewing them with high priority of address and we'll of course inform you of progress on resolution of them in due course.

We are experiencing some degree of turbulence around the in game store at present.
Issues include:
  • A number of Odyssey suits that should be available for Commanders to purchase are currently greyed out and unobtainable in game.
  • All Suit decals in Livery display with a red "Odyssey-only content" icon, no matter if they are Odyssey or Horizons decals.

  • Codex entry for optional exploration equipment lists Advanced Planetary Vehicle Hangar rather than Advanced Docking Computer.
  • [Horizons 4.0] The glass for the bar area on Fleet Carriers has an incorrect texture.
    • It's very...VERY bright in there. Very bright.
  • When viewing ringed planetary bodies, the planetary rings do not currently appear to render correctly.
    • It is possible to drop into the ring and asteroids will be present.
  • [Horizons 4.0] Some Power Regulators, when visible on the SRV Radar appear targetable on approach, but cannot be acquired, as they are inside the local Power Building.
  • [Horizons 4.0] Suit decals currently equip as expected in Livery, but do show in-game when using the Camera Suite, nor to other players in the same instance.
  • Ship decals can be seen by other Commanders in Horizons 4.0, however the Odyssey rank decals ( Mercenary & Exobiologist) can not be seen by other players currently.
As I say, please do accept our apologies on these issues being present currently. We're working hard on our forward moving plan to address these and you'll be kept informed.

Once again, Commanders, thank you as always for being on this journey.

I'll be here to monitor proceedings following everyone's return to game and support in any way needed.

We have nothing further to say regarding instancing between versions at this time.
Focus from here will be to of course appreciate your feedback on the situation and hold tightly to it, however there will not be anything further to add on this topic for you at this time.

Onward form here is primarily going to be centered on providing any release support in the best way possible at our capacity, for any immediate issues o7

Let's go!
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Is this going to require consoles to have a EDO compatability patch update... or do we get to avoid any download as its not a PC client...
Edit = Epic client has the EDH 4.0 option and needs a install..
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