News A big thanks to you all!

Congrats on the new post, Michael, and thanks for all you've done for ED. I hope we'll see you in the forums in a lay capacity in the future. But, given what you no doubt know about our alien friends, I think I might follow you out to Colonia and spectate from there...
Best of luck with the new project Michael. I too was a the first lavecon and remmber both haveing a discussion with you ( Oculus and LEAP ) and watching the dev panel. Mike, I seem to recall had a round of applause for not holding back on posts!
Best of luck with the Secret Squirrel project, Mike! All of your passion and hard work on Elite: Dangerous, and its canon is very much appreciated!
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Good luck with the new project!

My best MB memory is of the time when you were being the community manager as well as exec producer while production was in full flow and head of fiction, to boot! I was in awe at your pulling it all off, interacting with us, the great unwashed, here, and remaining sane at the same time.
Wait.....Thargoids are coming....Michael Brookes is heading for Colonia..... WHAT DOES HE KNOW?
I picked a hell of a week to give up on Onionhead! :eek:
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Thanks for all you've done, good luck on the secret project*.

*a.k.a The Jackpot, great way to fill time cards without having to document anything.
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Thanks for all your hard work Michael. I love the game you've helped make and hope your next is just as good. Also glad you're still with FD, you had me worried at the start of your post!
Hey Michael, sorry to hear that we'll be losing you, ED's loss is that other game's gain (sorry, forgot it's name, could you remind me what it is again? :p)

It's high time I bought you a beer ... if you see me at Lavecon (I'll be wearing a T shirt with my forum avatar on it) then come and say hi to claim it!
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Fly Safe CMDR and a big Thank You to you

I should emphasise that this doesn’t affect Elite’s future.

I'm really affraid I'm absolutly not agree with this point. Sorry.
Since the last announcements in E3 and on this forum (about atmo, etc) I'm really worried, in fact.
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So the secret project secret is out then....

Known you along time Mike and it's always been a pleasure discussing things with you.

Looking forward to the future project.

Now it is a known unknown, not an unknown unknown. :)

Sad to see Michael shifting project, but I trust his word about elite's future!
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