A bind for Shutdown Field Neutraliser

Definitely a sound suggestion. Fighting Thargoid interceptors, this is a big limiting factor as you need to keep the groups simple enough to use it effectively. Lately I've mostly skipped it though as hitting FAoff and boosting away, waiting the paralisys out, is good enough...
I've never used SFN, but thought it's an automatic, always-on thing like a shield booster. So you need to fire it while fighting thargoids and your ship want to just shut down? That sucks.
You have to fire it while the shutdown wave of a Thargoid is coming for you. It drains a lot of SYS while it's active, has quite some cooldown if you stop using it and it has to be running the moment the wave hits you. And additional to that, you currently have to have it on your weapon group or quickly switch there, when you hear the warning message.

Having a button for it was suggested many times. I wish that FD would listen to just one of these suggestions and implement that button. It would really be useful and very much welcome. Even better would it be to have several buttons bindable to like "utility 1/2/3/4" and being able to assign them like weapons. But even just a new button for the shutdown field neutralizer would be very welcome.
I know about riding the shutdown with FA off and boost, but managing to "nope" the shutdown is just more satisfying. With the COVAS sometimes bugging and failing to report it and the firing groups being so difficult, I have to predict it before it happens.I usually also FA off and boost just in case.
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