A Trip Through the Space Trees!

Went to go see the new find by Nstor1 posted on Reddit, man is it beautiful

It is just a huge field of alien looking trees, as soon as you get within distance your sounds begin to change and it becomes these mix of eerie and beautiful.
Probably my new favorite site!

Here is the Video:

And my favorite shot from the site I got:
HighResScreenShot_2017-01-26_06-34-13 by Timothy Rawlings, on Flickr
I think it is a huge find as well. The guy posted it on reddit so not sure if he is even on the forums but I had to go find it myself and get it on here as soon as I can. I feel like since we've been looking for these for ages and they just so happen to pop up on a system we are searching for ruins means they have to be connected somehow....who knows though

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Where is that?
You'll find coordinates in the video!

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Hold on, what on Earth are those? From the vidoe it looks legit in game - pretty interesting find!
I was so excited when I saw this find, i dropped what i was doing to go over and document and share.
Ripper find!

That bottom one looks like a Cordycep Growth like the fungus fields behind the two new Alliance Research bases in California Nebula.

And those "tree tops" sorta looks like a Phloem Excretion.
Man that will have to be my next destination 'shroomin'!

IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 C 3 A Lat: 11.44° Long: 48.43°

My vid from Mahon Research Base:

I think it's a bioweapons research facility.

Location Location Location:
Fungal Mounds:

Jaques Fungus
Colonia 3 C A
Lat: 47.21 Long: -174.16
(can anyone confirm that they are still there? conflicting reports)

Mic Turner Base
California Sector BA-A E6
Planet 4
(Less than 2 km on the Pad 6 side)

Mahon Research Base
HIP 18077
(less than 2km east out past the long range comms tower)

Brain Trees:
IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 C Planet 3 A Lat: 11.44 Long: 48.43
Synuefe ZL-J D10-119 Planet 7 A Big White Crater (does anyone have good co-ords for this?)
Synuefe XO-P C22-17 D 3, Lat: 15 Long: -58 (does anyone have better co-ords for this?)

Barnacle Sites:
See PanPiper's awesome thread: https://forums.frontier.co.uk/showthread.php/312632-Meta-Alloy-Ripe-Barnacle-sources

Geysers and fumaroles:

The Phloem Excretions drop Very Rare materials.
The material they drop will be listed in the System map.
Need to update these locations with the materials that can be got.

Many thanks to PanPiper for his ongoing work:
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Saw that photo on the Screenie(s) thread - absoutely stunning screnshot and what an incredible find!
Thank you, I managed to get just the right spot. :)

Ripper find!
Man do I wish I was the first to find it, but I'm sure I was one of the first few on site afterwards. I don't know if the original finder is on the forums and since I've been looking for these guys for a loooooong time I had to share once I got on site myself!
In the name of science I had to take a shot at the globe growths and one shot at they emit a sort of water substance. Make it seem like it is a really juicy plant
Can someone confirm the planet its on?

I've added it to the mapping project as a surface POI (placeholder name "Nstor Forest").

IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 IC 2391 SECTOR ZE-A D101 C 3 A Lat: 11.44° Long: 48.43°

That is System, BODY, Coords

EDIT: I've also got a list of the top 5 fumarole and top 5 geyser sites for you guys to add to the GMP. Need to still contact the selected discoverers so they can name their site. I should be getting that to you guys soon though
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