Adding depth through personalized "home/hangers"

I do not think I have adequately captured my idea in the title so hopefully my fellow cmdrs will still read!

So after playing the game now for about 7 months I really love it.. but as many of you know the game can sometimes feel like a mile wide and only an inch deep.

I would like to suggest the idea of adding a feature that would allow every commander the ability to build a small HOME base on any landable planet.. I am envisioning a place thats UNIQUELY mine.. not in design but ot can only be used by me and I have total control over its location. It only has to be a small cool looking space house with hanger and a reasonable amount of storage.

With this comes a whole new adventure in game play. It can be a secret hide out or the perfect away destination to meet other commanders and hang out.. you can pick your own secluded world or join other cmdrs
And have small town. Just the thought of picking our own planet and site location would be exciting,

I am thinking this would cost some credits and we might be limited to building only one or maybe 2 ect....
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