Adding Parade Show in Planet Coaster ?

Hi everyone !

I apologies about my bad English in a first case ( I'm French after all and hope you will understand me ^^)

Well what I'd love to see in Planet Coaster it's some parade Show, like you know at Disneyland Paris, there is Always a parade who go through the parc with a lot of awesome parade tank (dunno if it's the right term). It can be really interesting if Planet Coaster add this system of Parade Show it will add some more realism like a real parc should be. Because after all Planet Coaster is a custom parc or theme parc.

If you Don't understand what I mean I'll give real exemple, there some links of what I'd like to see in planet coaster :





This thing I think can work like the fireworks show in planet coaster if I'm right.

Also I forgot a things which is not really in the theme of what I said before, it could be really nice if when there is a show we have the option of turning off all the speakers and then at the end of the show turn them back on.

I hope to see what I say in the future in Planet Coaster. Have great day everyone !

I'm conscious that what I ask could be really difficult to realise ^^
This is not really like a parade, they are just patrolling arround. Like I said I talk about a real parade with danse, multiple parade tank and a lot of things. Like a real show should be at Disneyland Paris. Do you even see the video ? It explain clearly what I would like to see in planet coaster. It can work like the firework show. If I'm right it can work like the coaster but without the rails, you just do a line that the parade should follow on the road.

You can't compare the entertainers patrol to a parade, because like you said they are only patrolling.
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