1. MicHaeL MonStaR

    Straightening Out Paths Across Uneven Terrain

    Is there a way to straighten out paths across dips like this? Like maybe there's a modifier-key just like when you hit Z to straighten out path-angles?... Because the thing is, you only get two options in a situation like this, which aren't really great. You can just do it like this, with...
  2. Admiraldkong

    Add Aquaponic and Vertical Farming

    Hey Devs. Please Add Ingame Aquaponic and Vertical Farming on Space Station and Ground Station. Its the Future in the Future.
  3. P

    Brand Sponsorships (Idea)

    Short version By placing advertisements for various sponsors on rides and around the park, players can make money and/or offset expenses, but with a negative effect on guest happiness. Longer version Many players crave more complex and challenging simulation elements in PlanCo (or its rumored...
  4. B

    Planet Coaster 2 Game Trailer Ideas

    Hi guys! As many of you, I’ve been dying to know any planco 2 news (which sadly hasn’t even been confirmed yet). I know that we have many posts on this forum on suggestions of features and wishes to second game, but I haven’t seen any on how they should be portrayed on an eventual game trailer...
  5. Unbreakable Raids

    General Less Galnet fluff, more in game events: Feedback from the Emperor's galnet

    So the latest galnet where the emperor was found after being missing for a year, I feel like thaat could have been done better. One of the biggest complaints I've heard from some long time players is that most of these storylines you frontier people have worked so hard to write end up as just...
  6. K

    The Module Teleport Glitch

    Hello friends! I have a suggestion about engineering. Backstory: One of my squadron mates found out a while back, when you remote sell and then rebuy a module in Odyssey, it would be instantly teleported into your ship. I know, I know, it's a glitch and an exploit and all that, but think about...
  7. LiveWeyer

    Supercruise Signature Spoofing

    Not originally my idea, but I really liked it. Like title says, you could equip a module to make your ship appear to be something else on scanners in supercruise. It could dissuade or confuse pirates, gankers, and system authorities. Would be a nice addition for smuggling goods and be illegal...
  8. jonfitt

    All I want for Christmas...

    Is a Supercruise Assist keybind.
  9. HDreamz

    Улучшенный русский шрифт для игры

    Приветствую коммандеры! Хочу попросить тебя не обойти этот пост стороной и попросить оставить свой голос! Именно каждый из вас может вложить часть в эти труды и добиться общей победы! Как известно русский шрифт в игре очень выбивается из вселенной и в целом из футуризма. Посмотрите как хорошо...
  10. yoav_r


    WHAT? ANOTHER WISHLIST??? Yes! and for god reason Inspired by the meta wishlist by @random goat , I noticed that when the black-and-white ruffed lemur was added to the game, it only had 3 votes, despite a lot of people wanting it in the game for a long time. What I think happened, is that it...
  11. sour lemon 333

    Please make it so the Tylosaurus is able to use shark feeder.

    I was rather disappointed when I found out the Mosasaurus was the only aquatic to use the shark feeder. It seems a waste that only one animal can use it. Please make it so other animals such as the Tylosaurus and Elasmosaurus can use it.
  12. G

    A "Dinosaur Wishlist Mega Thread" for JWE2's Idea/Suggestion forums?

    I'm wondering if a "Mega Thread" wishlist for this game's idea/suggestion forums can or will be something for here? In the JWE1 forums, a moderator made one for the ideas forum because, if I can remember correctly, so many threads of whatever dinosaurs posters would like to see would just...
  13. HunterwithGreenScales

    An Elite Campaign: An idea for a much needed lengthy "Lore filled" mission chain for all CMDRs.

    I think Elite really needs its equivalent to a "main story" thread of missions, much like many other open world games have. There already exist in game mission chains that automatically "connect" after you complete the first mission. It would only take the addition of writers for the cohesive...
  14. yoav_r

    Add ONE animal to each taxonomic group

    If you could add a single animal to each of the following groups, what would you add? Antelopes and bovines Suines Equines Tapirs Rhinos Deer Camelids Rodents Xenarthrans (anteaters, sloths, armdillos) Marsupials Monotremes Felines Canines Bears Hyenas Musteloids (badgers, wolverine...
  15. S

    Allowing Fighters To land at stations

    Due To the fact that large Ships are unable to land at a lot of stations/fleet carriers i think that Fighters should be able to dock instead Using a permit. I think this permit should be attained at a certain level of Exploration/Combat.
  16. F

    Things to do to salvage odyssey

    I am not talking about the bugs or performance issues here. This is about core "gameplay" that needs to change. This also isn't about how the weapons look nowhere realistic (ie. the magazine chamber is in front of the grip, shortening the barrel. Weapons look like they do in real life for a...
  17. CMDR Temunjin Boras

    Slipstream Jumping For Wings

    Slipstream jumping could be added to enhance the experience of winging with other commanders. The general idea would be when you're flying in a wing and have a nav-lock on a teammate, you'd be able to piggy back on their high wake to avoid using your own FSD. After one ship gets low on fuel the...
  18. beigbeider

    [Fleet Carriers] Used fleet carriers market

    There are a few suggestions that will never be introduced into the game, but I'll leave them here. Make an auction and market for used fleet carriers: If you run out of funds for servicing a fleet carrier, then it is not debited but put up for auction. This gives people the opportunity to buy a...
  19. jellowiggler

    Hold mode for Landing Gear binding

    I would love to see the option to have landing gear have a hold mode option as per cargo scoop. It would be nice to see this option on all of the buttons (is it possible to just allow this to be turned on for any binding?), or at least the functions in the ship tab panel. (external lights...
  20. GameBoy2936

    We Need a Wider Range of Food Shops, Please

    Hello, Planet Zoo devs! As always I love your game very much, but there's something I want to see improvements made on. I love looking at the food/drink/merchandise shops and seeing the customers lining up getting their purchases. But, the amount of food shops to choose from lacks a lot. In...
  21. X

    Bringing this back: Animal Behavior Upgrades[Frontier, please read.]

    So, I've brought this up in threads in the past, but seeing as this game is now 2 years old and none of this has been added, or even discussed in a long while, I figured I'd bring this issue back up that I would really like to see addressed. So, let's talk animal behaviors. As many, MAAAANY...
  22. Ram Paige

    [REQUEST] Tracking Limpets

    tl'dr When you gank a mob, hit the Type-9 (or whatever you want) with a Tracking Limpet, never losing track of the main pack! Basically been running a pile of PVE missions and I'll engage the first few ships from a mob but can never find the main pack again. When I pop into an instance, I can...
  23. O

    Hatchery for birds

    I think the game would benefit with a hatchery for the birds, it's kinda weird how they don't have eggs (A butterfly building would be neat as well for a guest facility, even if we don't see the inside)
  24. Baikles

    Some more tooltips? Maybe? Please?

    I really love the game and there have been quite some quality of life improvements I really enjoy, like the path barriers from the last update. But one thing I'd really love to see would be some more tooltips and information. This is just some examples off the top of my head. One thing I have...
  25. N

    Thoughts on an Exploration based SRV

    So we got the official word to expect a twin-seat SRV from FDev recently. Sounds like the rumors about the Scorpion may be finally coming true. I'll definitely be interested to see how this pans out. That said, it got me thinking that we'll now have a general purpose SRV and a combat SRV...
  26. yoav_r

    Biodiversity pack

    A pack suggestion (for a filler pack inbetween packs) of easy to make animals that would allow zoos to not always use the same species and add biodiversity and realism: Arabian oryx Nile crocodile Masai giraffe Collared peccary Greater rhea Bighorn sheep perentie Pleasent poison frog (exhibit)
  27. T

    A couple On Foot Combat suggestions...

    I've been enjoying doing some On Foot Conflict Zones every now and then, but I have a couple suggestions I'd love to see implemented sometime in the future. - Looting Ammo from dead enemies: Most of my conflict zones just end with me locating one or two ammo boxes and hovering over and over...
  28. S

    Something I've Noticed

    I want to start this post off by saying that I absolutely LOVE playing Planet Zoo, as it is objectively the best zoo simulation game out there. The fact that it evolves from Zoo Tycoon 2 with stuff like custom weather systems, gorgeous foliage, new methods of transportation from the base game...
  29. yoav_r

    How would you feel about a "low effort" rule for the wishlist/suggestions sections of the forum?

    I find it hard to find older great threads between the dozens of really low effort threads which are just a text list of animal names, or a feature "suggestion" in the vein of "Frontier I know no one has said it, but I really want flying birds in PZ"... I find it both tedious and lowering...
  30. aclamendo

    Ship & Module packs need to go...

    This has probably been posted a thousand times before me, but this issue is so magnificently dumb that we should just bludgeon FDev with this suggestion until they finally submit. Fleet Carrier owners should be allowed to stock whatever ship or module they like, without needing to also purchase...
  31. Tharrn

    [Odyssey] Probably rather easy to implement new mission type for the good guys

    I'll add one to the massgrave :D What has been irking me, is that most on foot activities seem to be illegal. Those of us, who want to blaze their own trail on the "right" side of the law are left with scraps right now. When I was scanned for the umpteenth time while fetching another fossil...
  32. yoav_r

    What do you expect from an aviary pack?

    Let's discuss What would make a good pack? What features are required? What species are essential to you? What is the minimal number of species you accept? Would you be okay with a specific theme (e.g. raptors pack)?
  33. yoav_r

    We need the option to reset research in sandbox and franchise

    The way it works right now, research is a one and done thing in franchise, amd not a thing at all in sandbox, which is a shame, because I love this feature. I'd love the option to reset research so that we could get the challenge of unlocking limited items as we go back. This used to be a...
  34. yoav_r

    Best candidates for a Nocturnal pack?

    I tried to come up with a pack of animals fitting for a nocturnal animal pack with the criteria that they must be: 1. In line with the current game mechanics (no aviaries, aquariums, or exhibit mammals) 2. Not complete reskins 3. Must be fitting for a Nocturnal house 4. Unique from each other...
  35. F

    Allow engineers to check rides more frequently

    The current intervals for engineers to check rides are 10, 20, 30, 45 mins, 1 hour 2 hours and never. But on higher difficulties, 10 and 20 are realistically the only viable options, with 10 still being too long a window to wait, even on some carnival rides let alone long coasters. I get that is...
  36. M4RTH4

    Bring Back The Stun!

    Why have non-violent odyssey missions if there's no way to eliminate someone without straight up killing them? The Overload thing was a stun that was removed because PEGI, sure, but maybe it coulda been kept. Keep the mechanics, but add a few new flags. If someone's taken out with the Overload...
  37. S

    [Suggestions] to get the game ready for launch imo.

    Being able to ping Vendetta's turrets and drones. More controls when watching back the replay of the loop (Time slow, rewind, fast forward) Black transparent bars on the top and bottom of the screen in the drone should be lighter. Headshot hitboxes could be adjusted to make them more accurate...
  38. S

    Codex Archive

    Given that we are in the throes of the Azimuth saga, it would be nice if all past and present data points and logs saved to the codex archive, even if there is no voice for them. Would give us a chance to read over them again. Like the proteus site messages. Recently did a tour of the INRA...
  39. S

    System map information and interactions (Apex and CZs)

    Couple of quality of life improvements to throw on the pile for the system map interface. 1, when looking at the system map for a system that is in active conflict, can we view the factions at war and conflict intensity when selecting a given CZ settlement? You can only view this via the...
  40. yoav_r

    Let's play: Design a mini-pack for a country

    I thought this could be a fun exercise while also helping research less discussed areas and fauna of the world. The game: You reply in this thread that you want to participate I give you a random country to design a pack for You reply with your designed pack The rules: You must design a pack...
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