1. K

    Skin variants needs to be in SANDBOX MODE + Guest camera mode ?

    Hello, I think it's impossible that no one else pointed this out before, but I also can't understand how has the development team added such a easy feature in the game: Why do us, people who don't play Franchise mode at all/challenge mode either (even though I reached 500k conservation points in...
  2. Elfener

    My thoughts on Fleet Carriers

    o7 Commanders! There are a lot of suggestions in the community about improving the Fleet Carriers, and in this thread, I am going to list what I think is a balanced improvement for Carriers. The upkeep A lot of people disagree with the upkeep, but I think it should stay where it is. Carriers...
  3. Daniel Klimchuk

    Fleet Carrier Idea - Arranging Contacts and Renting out Space to Companies

    I think a great idea to add new gameplay and to help make carriers more or less self-sufficient is giving the owner the ability to arrange contracts with NPC companies such as Mastopolos Mining - they will allocate a certain amount of the fleet carrier cargo hold, say, 3,000 units to the company...
  4. Daniel Klimchuk

    Fleet Carrier Idea - Arranging Contacts and Renting out Space to Companies

    I think a great idea to add new gameplay and to help make carriers more or less self-sufficient is giving the owner the ability to arrange contracts with NPC companies such as Mastopolos Mining - they will allocate a certain amount of the fleet carrier cargo hold, say, 3,000 units to the company...
  5. Z

    Possiable solutions to the upkeep and depreciation costs

    Upkeep- it's irritating and just makes the player regret investing in a fleet carrier, if the only reason for the upkeep is to reduce stress on the servers then wouldn't it be possible to instead disable the instance that the fleet carrier occupies if it has been left unvisited by any players...
  6. U

    A suggestion regarding saving

    Hello, Really enjoying Planet Zoo so far, I'm new to the game. I wanted to post this suggestion regarding saving. Having played various similar games over the years one of those is Two Point Hospital. There may be many people on this forum who own it, so will probably know what I mean about...
  7. Tom Z Marsu

    Make better connection with squadron

    Hi there, I appreciate changes that you announced to Fleet Carriers. As our squadron, we discussed about it and we welcome it. I understand how much work it takes to make UI, coding and so on. So I will understand if you won't consider this changes. Our idea is to make squadron ownership of...
  8. Fenyl

    FC should be a feature available only for squadrons, as originally intended.

    The price and upkeep of the fleet carriers would be much more acceptable if it could be split between multiple commanders. Unfortunately it would not change the fact that FCs do not introduce any new game-play loops (player trading will not be popular #opinion), and, what is maybe even more...
  9. H

    Filter Items on Animal Selection?

    Hey guys, I was thinking it would be a nice little feature to automatically filter items when a specie is selected so that I don't have to filter it every time I have a research done and see what's in the habitat options etc. I can easily 'X' close the filter if I don't want to as well which is...
  10. Cory280

    Some Fleet carrier suggestions:

    I think that most of the mechanics behind fleet carriers are just about right (other than the upkeep), and nothing really needs to change in terms of how the core mechanics work, at least nothing that wouldn't require a massive rework of the entire system. However, most, if not all of the...
  11. ShiMan

    Replace Tritium mining with... scooping and/or synthesizing.

    I've found a thread on Reddit where somebody thought about that idea. So my idea is similiar: Tritium is a isotope of the hydrogen (H3 to be precise. The same element, which we're tanking our ships, and occasionally scooping from the "KGB FOAM" (or O B A F G K M for astronomer purists). Sources...
  12. C

    Suggestion Shipyard and module system

    For those who will be out of range could it be possible to instead of buying and selling completed ships we buy a license to manufacture ships and modules from mined materials possibly extending the bubble and giving an option on how explorers could support their own fleet carrier
  13. Daniel Klimchuk

    My Thoughts on Fleet Carriers

    1. Adjust the upkeep. The price is okay. Upkeep, in my opinion, should start at 5-10 million per week and a maxed out carrier should cost 25-30 million per week. 2. Preparation time and cool down should be adjusted as well. Either reduce both preparation and cool down times to 10-15 minutes max...
  14. D

    Upkeep with raw materials, earn creadits with "research" crew.

    I've been wondering how they could enhance exploration game-play. I have the following suggestions, vaguely inspired by the Battlestar Galactica TV series: -Allow paying upkeep through mined materials. If someone has the credits, they can just buy the materials. If they don't and are in deep...
  15. C'tri

    Suggestion Deep core mining & Tritium

    Problem: 500T of mining needed for 1 max range jump, is all well and good. Since mining is my gameplay focus as a player, I found a Tritium hotspot and went exploring - I found several LTD cores but no Tritium cores, so I conclude that Tritium is surface only, which is fine, but leads us back...
  16. alex8obrien

    FC should have universal cartographics

    it should for explorers no matter how much or how little it affects BGS
  17. L

    Add your own music to planet zoo and have themed workers for being able to build different areas

    i really like the feature in planet coaster where you can add your own music to the game and would like to see this in planet zoo also would there be a possibility in having workers in your zoo's being able to wear different clothing? e.g vendors wearing african themed clothing for a african...
  18. C

    Big Idea for the Future

    An idea I had while looking through all the ships, companies, etc., plus the new fleet carriers was what if there was a design that players could create their own in-game companies. Obviously thins can be accomplished somewhat by squadrons but what if there was a feature that allowed people to...
  19. S

    NPCs are much stronger.

    In an open game, making an NPC is much, much more difficult in battle. If a person without engineers and a beginner, he can always switch to a single player game.
  20. S

    General Alteration FAOFF Management

    I flew to FAOFF for a long time and compared the difficulty of managing this mode for the Joystick, Keyboard and Gamepad. There is an undeniable advantage of mouse control in this mode. Since in this case, you can specify in the settings AUTOCENTER. But for some reason owners of joysticks and...
  21. S

    Assistant for FSD jumping.

    For some reason, an assistant for Super Cruize flight was added to the game. Why then not add an assistant for FSD jumping? Flying to the colony is not such a fun activity.
  22. B

    Some suggestions + dlc ideas

    hey guys ill just start by saying im dyslexic so my spelling might be a bit off here and there, ill try my best to keep it all readable :) love the game was addicted to the original zoo tycoons and this is just amazing but few lil things ive found might be helpful for players ill try and make a...
  23. L

    Aquatic animals-

    I think having sea creatures in our zoos would be really cool animals could include: -dolphins -sea turtles -octopuses -otters -killer whales -exhibit animals(rare fish, seahorses,etc) -sharks -seals -etc New plants could also be added, such as coral reef plants, and new tank barriers could also...
  24. S

    Alternative Power Management

    Many have told me that in the game they use macros to control energy. Since I play with a gamepad and there are many people playing with consoles (PS4.XBOX1), that is, an offer. Make alternative energy management. In the settings of the game, the NORMAL and ALTERNATIVE switch is added. Normal...
  25. The_Aurora

    Incorrect Cockpit mode - suppress the notification?

    Hello, is there a way to suppress the notification? The way I have firegroups set up I got weapons and discovery scanner on the same firegroup, causing using any of the modules to give me the notification all the time.
  26. Daniel Klimchuk

    Escape Pod Ejection

    Greetings Commanders! Currently, if your ship is destroyed, you get ejected in an escape pod into outer space - but instantly get respawned at a station or detention centre. I think that it would be more realistic and immersive if you got ejected and had to stay in your pod until someone...
  27. E

    General Suggestions (I played Zoo Tycoon 2 for many years and am a big gamer)

    I love the game, but it can be frustrating. 1. My biggest complaint is that my keepers hardly ever feed my animals. I have them set to feed every month and I call them to the enclosures constantly, but the feeders/enrichment items are only filled every 3 months or so. I have a keeper...
  28. JukioM

    More shops, more restaurants, more things to sell, more things for visitors

    More shops, more restaurants, more things to sell, more things for visitors
  29. S

    Several cosmetic improvements.

    1. I play from a large TV at a sufficient distance from the screen, can I make the font size increase on the ship’s HUD. And then everything is quite small and difficult to make out even the gravity of the planet. 2. When playing, I mainly use a gamepad, and it’s rather difficult to write...
  30. C

    New staff types

    I think it would be really cool to add "tour guides", a staff member you can hire and create a set tour for (I.E could set up flags or some other marker showing where to start a tour, which exhibits to visit and where to finish the tour). They could add to guest happiness and any guests...
  31. F

    Vekoma Coaster with LSM-launch system!

    Hi there! I want to build Hyperspace Mountain (Disneyland Paris' Version) very detailed but I am struggling with the current launch coasters in the game. It would be very nice if Frontier would add Vekoma coasters with an LSM-launch (or other launch) system! I have a few examples of real-life...
  32. X

    Some QoL-Improvements

    Very nice update, has fixed a lot of issues and has many Quality of Life improvements, especially for Sandbox. Here are some more suggestions: -Employees: The ability to choose multiple workers and "upgrade" them at the same time, and also the ability to synchronize the wages similar to prices...
  33. Yeehawthatdeanosaur

    Dinosaurs Hey frontier,can you change the skin for the spinosaurus please

    I feel like the spinosaurus is a bit too bright to say the least of it. In the film spino has darken skin pattern. The spinosaurus skin in this game is too saturated, it needs to be darkened. Since there’s an dlc that’s all about remodels and skins, I feel this would be a perfect time to fix the...
  34. I

    DLC, Gameplay and Animals

    Heyho, i love playing the game but there are many gameplay-mechanics and animals that I miss badly! Animals: There are very less animals that need water. I don't mean fishes. But there should more animals tet like swimming a bit like otter, racoon, platypus, capybara, or some turtles that...
  35. BasiliskArt

    General Gameplay Possible Visitor Overhaul - A Feature Suggestion

    As someone who's played this game more than he necessarily needed to I am incredibly satisfied with Frontier's continued support and development of it. Now with the release of Return to Jurassic Park just around the corner I'd like to ask your attention for something I've been stewing on for a...
  36. C

    Some suggestions for Planet Zoo :)

    I absolutely love the game. And I love the devs for listening to feedback! Here are some suggestions for things I would love to see in the game. Design elements / things that improve general atmosphere: Add a pathway design for Asian design type More pathway designs in general would be cool...
  37. zizzle8383

    Sandbox Settings Suggestion: Unlimited Power/Water

    I hate how in sandbox mode i have to manage power, if i want to make a really stunning zoo, for me its hard to find a place to put the power, so please add a way to make power, and even water cleaning unlimited in sandbox mode settings!~ -Zizzle8383
  38. E

    [Suggestion] Additional terrain layouts when creating a new franchise zoo

    Hey folks, by opening a new zoo you always start with a huge, empty and flat map. All in all this is quiet nice, since you dont have to fight with terrain editing at the very start. Otherwise, especially for temperate and cold bioms, it would be nice to be able to choose different layouts. I...
  39. S

    Save Confirmation

    I didn't see this anywhere in the forum, but a very, very basic game mechanic that is missing is save confirmation. A small, sweet, short, to the point "save successful!" when I'm saving just for peace of mind, especially considering frequent issues with crashing and server problems.
  40. X

    Would love to be able to add an aquarium

    Wish we can place large aquarium tanks along with creating caves with areas to see thru the glass. It would be great if we were able to create a ride or submarine encounter where you can see the fish from below Wish time would also slow down in game.
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